21 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S7 suddenly got stuck on logo during bootup after Android 7.1 Nougat update [Troubleshooting Guide]”

  1. i got samsang s7 in nov 17 online shopping and till yesterday it is working fine but after reciving update yesterday on 07/02/18 install it but phone could not restart again shows black screen and led blue indicator only and phone got heat up what could be the solution next.pl tell i love my phone

  2. i am using c7 pro . i downloaded naught 7.1.1 today morning after that i installed the same but after my mobile started some preparation and than it shutdown now it takes almost 1hour 10 minutes but not still turned on. what to do please reply as early as possible ? even charging it not turning charge indicator light

  3. I just refreshed android and reinstall it from micro SD card and all my data was on the same place.
    now it is works.

  4. hi, mine is stuck on the samsung logoo wont start or turn off front screen realy hot back of phonr not as hot as front screen ,can not touch front screen. thanks i.c

  5. None of the proposed ideas worked. I have a samsung galaxy s7 active and after trying to install Nougat 7.0 with odin (Odin told me everything was fine) It got stuck in a boot loop. I’m freaking out!

  6. Removing SD card worked for me. Previously stuck on Samsung logo and unable to boot to recovery

  7. I’ve beengetting stuck on the Samsung logo and unable to get into recovery mode. Removing the external sd card fixed it for me. I’ll re format it and see if it works again.

  8. press and hold the vol down + home button + the power button untill untill it enters download mode. simply cancel the download mode and the device will start normally.

  9. I am in the very same problem.
    Normal (and safe mode) boots got stuck in Samsung logo.

    Recovery boot, gets stuck in the blue Android page. The update arrows starts to spin a little and then it gets frozen.

    Nothing else.
    Any idea?

  10. i have samsung s7 .It is stuck on samsung logo .i try all thing it is same.i boot in recovery option,flash with odin,flash with kies 3.but same.can i anyone help me i dont understand.

  11. I have exactly the same problem as John on May 14, 2017. When I did it , it came back on and redid the download successfully but then got stuck again on the Sumsung page. Only the blue light is on screen black after attempting reboot again. Won”t do a thing.

  12. I was finally able to go into recovery mode.
    making a hard reset vol down+ppower
    then as soon as the logo disapeared indicating power cut, holding vol up+home+power
    and being patient

    in the end i booted in recovery , wipe all, rebooted and go my phone working.. wiped off course.

  13. Same issue,
    phone stuck on “samsung” name, blue led, button un responsive, the only thing that works is the reste (volume down+ power key) but that resets the phone, it does not power it off neither.

    it is very hot, so I guess battery might run out quickly ( i was charging it overnight and powered it down, upon power up it got stuck).

    I tried all type of reset mentiond here but they do not work. phone only display galaxy s7 screen for a second, then the samsung screen and statys there.

  14. Just had the same happened to me. First the Loop, but eventually it was shorter and shorter and now just black screen and blue light. All buttons irresponsive. Any ideas how to reach to safe mode or even hard reset? Dry up the battery ( it’s full)? In these cases I wish for the good old removable one…

  15. My problems started with a telco provided update that I selected to install overnight. Next day the phone was in a continuous boot loop. Could not turn off or get into safe or master reset modes. Exhausted the battery and recharged normally. This time could not get into safe mode but have got into Master Reset mode. However, at action 4 in Step 5 above, I have the android logo and the “Installing system update” for hours with no progress to the recovery page. Blue light is ON and buttons are non responsive. There’s two dots in the top left corner suggesting 2 pages but cannot change them. The only way to get out is to exhaust the battery.
    Any ideas please?

  16. posting to let others know that if you have a lot of apps it’ll be stuck at the logo for a good 10-15minutes just keep your phone plugged in and wait patiently like i did. it saved my phone from problems, and booted fine. good luck!

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