How to Reset Samsung Keyboard to Default Settings on Galaxy Tab S6

This post will show you how to reset Samsung Keyboard to default settings on the Galaxy Tab S6 device. Feel free to refer to this tutorial if you need help carrying out the entire process.

Smartphone users do have different preferences when it comes to typing messages or documents on their respective devices. Thus, new smartphones are already designed to offer essential functions with various customization features and settings for them to work as users intended. 

On the Galaxy Tab S6, the on-screen keyboard is among the many features that users can customize according to their own preferences. That said, you can adjust the keyboard settings according to your own preferences, switch the keyboard input language, change the default keyboard and so on.

In the case where things went wrong after customizing features, a reset button is also present.

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Tapping this command will prompt the device to restore the original settings and thereby eradicates incorrect configurations.

Here’s how to reset and restore the on-screen Samsung keyboard on the Galaxy Tab S6 back to its original configuration.

Steps to Reset Samsung Keyboard to Default Settings on your Tab S26

Time Needed : 5 minutes

Depicted below are the actual steps to reset and restore the default settings of the Galaxy Tab S6 on-screen Samsung Keyboard. Screens and menu items may vary between device models, service providers, and Android versions.

  1. To get started, swipe up from the Home screen to access the Apps viewer.

    From the Apps viewer you’ll see different shortcut icons and controls for built-in services and third-party applications.

    reset tab s6 samsung keyboard to defaults - home

  2. Locate and then tap Settings to proceed.

    Doing so will launch the main settings menu of your device.

    reset tab s6 samsung keyboard to defaults - settings

  3. From the Settings menu, scroll down to view more items and then tap General management.

    A new screen opens with a list of sub-menu items including language and input, date and time, and other relevant information.

    reset tab s6 samsung keyboard to defaults - gen mngt

  4. Select Language and input to continue.

    On the next window, language and input features are lined up in different sections.

    reset tab s6 samsung keyboard to defaults - lang input

  5. Go to the Keyboards section and then tap On-screen keyboard.

    Doing so will launch another window that highlights all keyboard applications installed.

    reset tab s6 samsung keyboard to defaults - oskboard

  6. Tap on the Default Keyboard.

    Doing so will launch the on-screen keyboard menu with the Samsung Keyboard set as the default.

    reset tab s6 samsung keyboard to defaults - dkboard

  7. On the pop-up menu, tap the Gear icon next to Samsung Keyboard.

    The Samsung Keyboard window will open next.

    On the Samsung Keyboard screen, you will see a list of relevant features and options.

    reset tab s6 samsung keyboard to defaults - gear

  8. Scroll down to the bottom section and then tap Reset to default settings.

    Reset options will show up on the next screen.

    reset tab s6 samsung keyboard to defaults - reset

  9. To restore the default Samsung Keyboard settings, tap Reset keyboard settings.

    Another pop-up message will show up beneath the display.

    reset tab s6 samsung keyboard to defaults - rkbset

  10. Read the notes and then tap Reset to confirm keyboard reset.

    That should prompt the device to erase all customized settings on the Samsung Keyboard and then restores the original or default configurations.

    reset tabs6 samsung keyboard to defaults - confirm

  • Android 10
  • Galaxy Tab S6

Again, there’s no need to worry of losing any important information because this reset does not affect any saved data on the device. 

Performing an on-screen keyboard reset is usually needed when things go wrong and the keyboard app suddenly misbehaves. Doing so will help rule out incorrect or invalid keyboard settings among the underlying causes.

Aside from carrying out resets, keeping the device’s software up to date is also imperative to ensure that the keyboard app gets all the necessary enhancements and patches to ensure stability and optimum performance.

And that covers everything in this quick guide.

To view more comprehensive tutorials and troubleshooting videos on different mobile devices, feel free to visit The Droid Guy channel on YouTube anytime.

Hope this helps!


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