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One of the frustrating issues that some PS4 users may encounter is the CE-34305-5 error. In this guide, we’ll explain to you what happens when you experience it and the best fixes that you can try to deal with it.

What is CE-34305-5 error?

If your PlayStation 4 is showing the error code CE-34305-5, that’s an indication that your console is having a hard time reading some data off the internal hard disk drive(HDD). It may be a one-time occurrence or a persistent issue, especially if there’s an HDD malfunction or failure. 

For some users, this PlayStation error code can be the start of a serious hard drive failure so eventually, you may end up having to replace the hard disk drive.

Causes of CE-34305-5 error code on the PS4

There are several factors that can directly or indirectly cause error CE-34305-5. Let’s talk about each of these causes below.

Corrupted software.

Some players may experience PS4 error CE-34305-5 due to the condition of their console’s system software. If the software has become corrupted for some reason, the system may stop working properly and may trigger random bugs. Make sure that any system software update is installed as it becomes available. Updates not just bring new improvements but also fixes to known problems and issues.

Incompatible replacement HDD.

The PlayStation 4, especially the first models, have very limited hard disk capacity and thus it’s not unheard of that some users may decide to upgrade. If you tried to do so before the error pops out, it’s likely that this PS4 error you’re experiencing now is caused by an incompatible storage device. 

If the hard drive is not formatted properly before you connect it to your PlayStation 4, it may be the reason why the system is showing this error right now. The PS4 can only use the FAT or exFAT file system. If the hard drive you’re using now has a different format such as NTFS, this can be the cause of PS4 error CE-34305-5.

Console malfunction.

The last factor that can also lead to error CE-34305-5 is a defect or damage in certain components of your PS4. unfortunately, any hardware malfunction in your console must be checked by a professional to ensure that the problem is diagnosed properly. If you noticed that your PS4 console has stopped working normally, has become too slow, has been crashing all the time, it may be high time that you let Sony check it.

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How to fix PS4 CE-34305-5 error code?

Below are the fixes that you can try if you’re experiencing error CE-34305-5. 

Fix #1: Check for updates.

If you’ve been using your PlayStation 4 for some time now, you may have noticed that from time to time, system software update prompts prevent you from continuing to use the console unless you agree to install them. That’s because system software updates are a necessary part of keeping your console healthy.

Whether you experience an issue or not, it’s always highly recommended that you don’t skip any software update if they are available. 

If you don’t use your PS4 that often, or if you mainly play offline games, you still have to check for updates from time to time. If connecting your console to the internet is not your thing, then make sure that you try to do a manual offline update.

Fix #2: Use the original hard disk drive.

If you recently upgraded the hard disk drive(HDD) of your PS4, the new storage device may be the reason for error code CE-34305-5. To check, try insert the original HDD to the system. If the error disappears when the old HDD is in use, make sure that the new HDD is properly formatted before using it again.

The PS4 only recognizes FAT32 or exFAT file systems although I personally recommend exFAT because it supports file size of up to 4GBs. If the new HDD is using the NTFS file system, make sure that you format it first on your computer so it uses either FAT32 or exFAT file systems.

If you can’t seem to make the new HDD work at all, try using an external hard drive or a USB flash drive instead to boost the storage capacity of your PS4. 

The Sony PlayStation 4 also supports SSD, which is a lot faster than the conventional mechanical HDD. 

Fix #3: Initialize the console.

If you did not upgrade the HDD at all but the error CE-34305-5 persists at this point, it’s possible that the reason may have something to do with your console’s system software. What you can do to fix it is to wipe PS4 by restoring it to its factory settings. The process of reverting to factory settings is called factory reset, which can be performed by booting to Safe Mode and selecting the Initialize PS4 option.

Fix #4: Repair.

If your PlayStation console is still not working after a factory reset, then you can assume that there may be a deeper reason for the problem, probably an unknown hardware malfunction. What you can do at this stage is to let Sony’s PlayStation Support team to process a Repair request for you. Visit the official support site for help. 


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