Pixel Owners Could Get the Android 10 Update by Sep 3 [Update: It’s Live]

Update: Google has confirmed the rollout of Android 10 with a number of Pixel owners already seeing the update. All you have to do is wait for the update notification or head over to the Settings to manually update your Pixel device. There’s still no word on when third-party smartphones will get the update, however.

We’ve already seen Samsung’s flagship running Android 10 while OnePlus owners were teased that the update would hit their devices by the first week of September. What this leak also mentioned at the time is that the Pixel phones will get the update by September 3. Today, new revelations by Canadian carries Telus and Rogers have pretty much confirmed that Pixel phones will indeed be receiving the update on that day. This update will apparently hit the original Pixel phones as well as the most recent Pixel 3a.

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This leak comes in the form of support documents, although Rogers has already removed its listing. Telus still has the document up online which mentions that all Pixel phones will begin receiving the Android 10 update by September 3. This pretty much confirms it and users in Canada should start seeing the Android 10 update by tomorrow.

Android 10 is expected to bring a system-wide revamped gesture interface as well as a new Dark Mode theme and Live Captions. Overall, while the update does bring in a few changes, it’s surely not as overwhelming or massive as previous Android updates.

As of now, apart from OEMs like OnePlus and Samsung, there has been no real word on when the Android 10 update rollout will begin. Given the fact that there are only a handful of incremental changes here, one would hope that the wait for non-Pixel device owners won’t be too long. Although this new revelation mentions the September 3 date, it’s important to realize that it’s very likely that some Pixel owners may have to wait slightly longer.

Source: Telus

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