Pixel and Pixel XL Owners with Microphone Issues Could Receive up to $500 as Part of a Settlement

If you bought a Google Pixel or Pixel XL before January 4, 2017, and faced microphone issues, you may be eligible to receive $500. This applies only if you found the issue on multiple Pixel devices and have evidence to prove it. This is part of a recent class-action lawsuit settled by Google with customers of Pixel devices for $7.25 million. Even if you didn’t face any microphone or speaker issues on either of the Pixel phones, you are still eligible to receive $20.

Customers who faced microphone related issues but couldn’t document it will also receive $20 as part of this settlement. But if the user did store evidence to prove the microphone defect, they will get $350. Google will also reimburse the insurance cost paid for a replacement Pixel phone. The court will hold a hearing on December 6, 2019, to confirm this settlement. In the meantime, customers will have until the 7th of October, 2019 to file a claim form to receive the aforementioned amounts.

Standard claims can be filed immediately to expedite the payment. It is worth noting that Google has only set aside around 25% of the $7.25 million for standard claims. This means that if you are looking to claim $20, you may want to get started on the process right away before the amount set aside is depleted by other claims.

This is certainly not the kind of press that Google needed just before the release of the Pixel 4. However, this settlement only applies to the first-gen Pixel, and there haven’t been any major issues reported on Pixel devices since then.

Source: PixelSettlement

Via: Android Central

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