Missing Pictures in Samsung Galaxy S3 Gallery

If you have noticed that some folders or pictures in your Samsung Galaxy S3 gallery are missing, you might have just accidentally hidden or deleted them. It is also possible that it is an effect of a glitch in your system or app.

A. Restart The Phone

Most of the time, the system of the phone just needs to be refreshed after a long use. So, do a simple restart first.

B. Check Hidden Files

There are also times when you have just accidentally hidden the folders of the Galaxy S3 gallery or this may be caused by someone who gained access to your Galaxy S3 without your knowledge like your child. So, check if the missing photos or folders that you are looking for in your Galaxy S3 gallery are just hidden by performing the steps below:

1. Open the My Files app which is located in the Home screen.

2. Press the Menu key and go to Settings.

3. Check the box that will show the hidden files of your phone.

4. If you want to remove the status of the file as hidden, just remove the quotes (the “ and ” symbols) before and after its file name.

C. Retrieve Missing Photos Using Third-Party Apps

There are apps that will enable you to retieve your missing files such as photos, text messages and contacts. One of the popular software being used by several Android owners is Dr. Fone. Click this link to our previous article for a detailed guide on how to use it for retrieving the deleted photos in the Galaxy S3 gallery or other lost data in your device.

Please be reminded though that we are not promoting Dr. Fone or connected in any way to its developers. We are only featuring this to illustrate that this particular problem with the Galaxy S3 gallery can be fixed using a third-party party tool.

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  1. I have Galaxy j7. I was receiving texts with multiple pictures and all of the pictures disappeared and the texts remained. Has never happened before.

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