How to Update Software on Samsung Galaxy A20

Want to update software on Samsung Galaxy A20 but don’t know how to do it manually? The help is here. Read further to find out the benefits and the procedure of updating software on your smartphone. 

Software updates are essential on smartphones. They provide enhancements on performance and security patches to the device. These updates could bring out the best your phone can offer. 

Smartphone developers are using software updates to also provide fixes with reported problems on their devices. Patches are included on the updates to address the bugs or glitches that may occur on smartphones. 

Aside from that, software updates will also improve the device performance. Major software rollouts, like Android version updates, will provide added features and improved UI performance on the Galaxy A20. They often tweak some settings and add certain functions that should help the device to run smoother. 

Software update notifications on the Galaxy A20 are often provided automatically. But there are times that it might be dismissed accidentally and the user might not be aware about the existing software update. For this reason, they could miss this important thing on their devices. 

What you will find on this post are the steps on how you can check and manually update software on Samsung Galaxy A20. If you are one of those people who are not tech-savvy to find the option on their smartphones, feel free to follow the procedures provided below. 


  1. Access Settings from the Home screen. You can swipe up to access the app drawer. 
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  1. Once you open the Settings Menu, scroll to and select Software Update that is located at the bottom part.
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  1. After tapping on Software Update, tap on Download and Install. This will check the available update for your Galaxy A20. 
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  1. Wait for the phone to check an update. It may take a while for your A20 to check an available software update.
  1. If there is an available software update, you should see the details and an option to download and install. If your Galaxy A20’s software is updated, you should see the “Your software is up to date” message. 
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  1. You can also enable the Auto download over Wi-Fi option. This will automatically update your phone once an available software update is released by Samsung and your Galaxy A20 is connected to a stable WiFi connection. 
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Time spent on updating and installation of software may vary per device. Certain factors such as internet speed may affect how long the device will update the software. Just make sure not to turn off your Galaxy A20 while it is restarting to avoid having a bricked smartphone. 

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