How to Put a Samsung Galaxy A20 on Download Mode

If you are one of those people who would want to experiment with their smartphones, putting a Samsung Galaxy A20 on download mode is recommended for you. Let us talk about this procedure and what are the needed steps for you to be able to do this on your device. 

Download mode is also known to tech-savvy users as odin mode or fastboot mode. This is an android smartphone feature that allows you to access more options on the device, such as bootloader unlocking, stock ROM flash (firmware flashing), OTA updates installation, TWRP and CWM custom recovery flashing and a lot more. 

If you don’t know what those things are, they are used to override the phone’s system and alter the default UI to get a better and improved experience. A lot of those who would like to explore different UI from other phone manufacturers can make use of this feature. 

Aside from changing the default ROM on the smartphone, download mode may also fix certain issues and software glitches on the device. But you also have to keep in mind that doing this procedure without proper knowledge may damage the device permanently. 

This is the reason why this article has been created, to help those users who would want to put a Samsung Galaxy A20 on download mode. Check out the procedures listed below and feel free to follow them. 


  1. Turn off the smartphone completely. Just press and hold the power button, then select Power off. 
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  1. Once it is turned off, press and hold the Power key and Volume Down button until you see the recovery options on the screen. 
  1. Release both buttons once the recovery options are displayed. Then press the volume up button to enter the download mode screen. You should see a warning message, which indicates you are about to enter download mode. 

To exit the download mode on your Galaxy A20, simply restart the device by pressing the power button until it turns off. 

Having some problems on the device and can’t think of something else to fix it? Try accessing the recovery mode options on your Samsung Galaxy A20 and try the procedures, like wipe cache partition and hard reset. Click here to find out more information. 

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