How to Access Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy A20

Facing some issues on your device and don’t have any idea on how to solve it? Try out the methods found on the recovery mode. Check this post and learn how to access recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy A20. 

Whenever we face glitches on our smartphones, it could be irritating and affects the overall experience it provides. There are issues that could be ditch easily by simple procedures, such as restarting the device.

However, this is not always the case. Some glitches are hard to deal with, and performing other procedures are necessary to handle the problem. One thing that you can do is to wipe the cache partition or perform a hard reset. 

You might wonder where you can find these options? Well, android smartphones have reserved something special in times you will need extra help on the device. The recovery mode feature allows the android smartphone users to fix some issues on their devices. 

Once you run the recovery mode on your Galaxy A20, you will be able to access some procedures, like installing updates from SD card or ADB, run graphic tests, check recovery logs and more. 

Learn how you can access recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy A20 by following the procedures provided below. 


  1. Turn off the device completely. This is an important thing to do for us to access the recovery options. 
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  1. Once it is turned off, press and hold the Volume up and Power buttons simultaneously, until the device vibrates. 
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  1. The android recovery screen should appear. You should see options such as Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, apply update from ADB, apply update from SD card and others. Note: It may take up to 30 seconds or more before the Android recovery mode will appear on your Galaxy A20. 
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Still having issues on your Galaxy A20? Is it app-related? Try to run your device in safe mode and see if this is caused by a third-party app. Check out the complete details by clicking here

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