How to fix your Samsung Galaxy A6 2019 that cannot send or receive text (SMS) messages (easy steps)

Several factors can cause your device to encounter problems with sending or receiving text (SMS) messages. Oftentimes, such problems are inflicted by network errors like intermittent signal or no service. Other triggers are incorrect settings, software glitches and malware. On the hardware aspect, it’s likely due to a bad SIM card or other relevant hardware components at fault. Generally, such problems are inevitable but also rectifiable. If by any chance you will get to encounter the same problem in which your Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 is unable to send or receive text (SMS) messages, then try to rule software problems out first. To give you some inputs, I’ve mapped out a few helpful procedures and generic solutions for you to refer to when needed.

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How to troubleshoot Galaxy A6 2018 that can’t send / receive text messages

Before you begin, try to quit and restart your messaging app. It could be just a random glitch that’s easily remedied by an app restart. Also ensure that your device is getting a strong network signal. If the problem persists, then move on and try these workarounds.

First solution: Restart your Galaxy A6 2018 (soft reset).

Restarting your device can do a lot of good things. Aside from freeing up space of the internal memory, it also clears minor software errors on your phone that might have triggered other issues to arise including texting problems. To perform a soft reset or restart on your Galaxy A6 2018, simply follow these steps:

  1. Press down on the Power button and hold it down for several seconds until the menu option appears. Then select Restart from the given options.
  2. Alternatively, you can just press the Power button until the screen goes off and then after about 30 seconds, press the Power button again to turn it back on

This will not affect any data stored on your phone’s internal memory so there is no need to create backups.

Second solution: Clear the app cache and data.

Cache refers to temporary files that are saved on an app or device memory. This saved information will be used for later references. Apps store caches as your phone system does. But just like other files, cache data can also become corrupted and when this happens, other functions of your device will likely be affected. To make sure this isn’t what’s preventing you from sending SMS on your Galaxy A6 2018, try clearing cache from your messaging app with these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll to and tap Apps.
  3. Tap to select your Messaging app.
  4. Then tap the Clear Cache button. Clearing of cache will clear all temporary files that are stored as cache on your messaging app. Other saved information from within the messaging app won’t be affected.
  5. If you want to clear data from the app, then tap the Clear Data button. This will delete all your saved settings and information that go along with the messaging app including corrupted data. So, you’re basically starting the app over from scratch. So it will behave as it did the first time you used it. This often fixes several issues especially when your app pulls up contents from a website that’s frequently changing.

If this doesn’t work, you may resort to wiping cache partition on your Galaxy A6 2018. This will clear cache files stored on the phone’s internal memory. Should the problem be triggered by some corrupted data on the cache partition, wiping it will fix it.

Third solution: Reset network settings.

As mentioned earlier, network problems can also be the main reason as to why you won’t be able to send or receive SMS or text messages on your device. Usually you will be prompted with error prompts containing pertinent messages but if not, double check your phone’s signal indicator and see if it’s getting a good signal. If the signal strength is low or unstable, then it’s likely the root cause. As possible solutions, you can try removing and reinstalling the SIM card or perform a network settings reset with these steps:

  1. Open the Apps drawer.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap System.
  4. Tap Reset Options.
  5. Select the option to Reset WiFi, Mobile & Bluetooth.
  6. Tap Reset Settings.

Doing this will remove all your current network settings including saved Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connections. After the reset is complete, you will see the cell triangle on the upper right corner of the screen appear empty until your device has restored the cellular credentials from your network service provider or carrier.

Fourth solution: Update your device software to the latest version.

Software updates not only offer new features but also security enhancements or fix patches. Installing update is therefore recommended especially when your device is having software issues that might have been inflicted by certain bugs and malicious software. Here’s how to check for and install software update on your Galaxy A6 2018:

  1. Open the Apps tray.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Software Update.
  4. Select the option to Download updates manually.
  5. Wait for your device to check for updates.
  6. If an update is available, you will see an update notification. Tap OK then select Start to instigate downloading and installation of the update file.
  7. When the restart message appears, tap OK to reboot your device and apply the recent software changes.

If this doesn’t work, then you may have to consider resorting to a full system reset to deal with more serious software errors affecting texting functions of your phone.

Fifth solution: Factory data reset (hard reset).

Performing a hard reset or factory data reset can be considered among your options if the problem persists after exhausting all possible means and methods. The problem you are dealing with could be more complex that requires more advanced solution like a complete system reset. This however results to data loss as everything will be wiped out in the process. Should you wish to continue, make sure you backed up all your important data so you can recover and use them later. Whenever you’re all set, follow these steps to get started.

  1. Tap Settings from the main screen.
  2. Tap General Management.
  3. Scroll to and tap Reset.
  4. Select Factory data reset from the given options.
  5. Read and review the warning message then tap Reset to continue.
  6. Tap Delete All to confirm factory data reset.

Wait until the reset is completed and then your phone reboots. After it restarts, you will need to proceed with the initial setup process to configure options and enable settings or features to use them again on your device including Wi-Fi networks.

Other options

Contact your carrier or network service provider to verify and ensure that your account status and network services are good. Some carriers may disable outgoing services especially for accounts with unsettled issues. If this happens, outgoing services for that account are temporarily not available. Hence, you won’t be able to send SMS or make phone calls until the account issue is settled. If necessary, request help in updating carrier settings on your device from their end.

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