How to fix OnePlus 7 won’t turn on | No Power or totally dead

One of the common problems in many Android devices is No Power or Won’t Turn issue. If your OnePlus 7 won’t turn on and you have no idea where to begin troubleshooting it, follow our suggestions below.

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How to fix OnePlus 7 won’t turn on | No Power or totally dead

Are you having trouble with your OnePlus 7? This troubleshooting guide will show you the steps on what to do if your OnePlus 7 won’t turn on.

OnePlus 7 won’t turn on fix #1: Charge device

In many cases where OnePlus 7 won’t turn on, a common reason can be due to the battery being empty. So, the first troubleshooting step that you must do is to ensure that you charge the device for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes, a Lithium-based battery may not be able to power the system back up if it doesn’t have enough power left. By charging the device long enough, hopefully the battery can work normally again. Be sure to let the device charge uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes before turning it back on. If you’ve already tried charging the device this long and nothing changed, proceed to the next steps below.

  1. If you managed to charge the device and it turns back on, be sure to recalibrate the battery and OS with these steps:
    Drain the battery completely. This means using your device until it powers down by its own and the battery level reads 0%.
  2. Charge the phone until it reaches 100%. Be sure to use original charging equipment for your device and let it charge up completely. Do not unplug your device for at least two more hours and also don’t use it while charging.
  3. After the elapsed time, unplug your device.
  4. Restart the device.
  5. Use your phone until it completely runs out of power again.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5.

OnePlus 7 won’t turn on fix #2: Check for hardware damage

Hardware damage is a common reason why a phone may not turn on. If your OnePlus 7 won’t turn on issue occurs after it has been dropped or hit by something hard, there probably is bad hardware behind the trouble. Since you’re the owner, you know the history of your phone better than anybody else. So, if there’s obvious sign of bad hardware, what you must do is to bring the device to a OnePlus store or OnePlus Service Center so the hardware can be examined. There’s no software changes that you can do to fix a broken hardware. 

OnePlus 7 won’t turn on fix #3: Restart device

Whether you’re dealing with a simple issue or a more complicated one, one of the basic things that must be done is a system restart. In your case, your OnePlus 7 may have simply encountered a minor bug that causes it to run slower than expected. Even the most powerful phones can bog down for so many reasons. To see if the cause of your issue is fixable by refreshing the system, try to restart first. This is one of the basic troubleshooting steps that you need to do when troubleshooting any Android issue. It’s simple and often effective in dealing with minor bugs and fixes. In most instances, performance troubles are temporary and caused by an app or software bug. Make sure to perform this troubleshooting step in this case. Simply press and hold the power button for 10 to 15 seconds. Once the logo lights up the screen and phone vibrates, release your fingers. Wait for the device to boot into the system normally.

OnePlus 7 won’t turn on fix #4: Verify charging accessories are working

There may be a problem with the current set of charging cable and adapter. The USB cable that comes with OnePlus devices is composed of tiny wires inside. If there’s enough of these wires that got broken, charging may not occur as there’s enough power that can be transferred to the battery. To check if that’s the case, charge your phone using a new set of cable and adapter. If you see obvious signs of physical damage to the USB cable or adapter, consider getting a new pair.

Be sure that you are using the official OnePlus accessories for this troubleshooting. Sometimes, third party accessories may be of inferior quality or does not meet minimum requirements set by Samsung. This can lead to erratic charging. If you can’t readily get a new cable and adapter, visit your local OnePlus store and try to charge your device using their accessories. If your OnePlus 7 charges fine, consider buying new accessories.

OnePlus 7 won’t turn on fix #5: Check the charging port

If your OnePlus 7still won’t turn on, you want to make sure that the charging port is the reason for it. Another common reason why a OnePlus device fails to turn on is the lack of power and that’s because there’s something in the charging that prevents it to charge. This can sometimes happen if one of the following is true:

  • There’s dirt or foreign object blocking the cable
  • There’s damage in the charging port system
  • Charging port is wet

Try to check the charging port using a magnifying tool if possible. If you see that there’s dirt, lint, or foreign object inside, that’s probably the reason why the battery has died. Once the battery has drained its power, the device no longer charges normally because something prevents it, or there may be damage to the charging port. If you think that there’s dirt inside the port, use a canned of compressed air to blow away dirt or lint. Avoid sticking anything inside in order not to damage the system.

Although the OnePlus 7 does not have water protection (it has no official IP certification) like the Samsung flagship phones, it’s charging port is relatively well-protected from small amount of moisture. If there’s water or liquid in the port, the phone won’t allow charging to avoid damaging the system.

OnePlus 7 won’t turn on fix #6: Check for Black Screen issue

Many people often make a mistake identifying their No Power or Won’t Turn on problem with Black Screen issue. If your OnePlus 7 screen stays black but the device still makes sound, vibrates, it’s not totally dead. It may have a bad screen issue instead. This is a totally different problem with a separate solution although repair might still be needed. If your phone has a clear crack on the screen, let a professional take a look. If you found out that it’s a screen problem, be sure to let an official technician from the store or OnePlus do the repair for you. 

Try to avoid doing screen replacement on your own, especially if you haven’t done it before. Following guides or videos on how to do it might appear simple but a lot times, amateur repairs don’t end well. If you’re desperate and you don’t want to pay for screen replacement, then do it at your own risk.

OnePlus 7 won’t turn on fix #7: Restart to Safe Mode

Sometimes, Android phones may not turn on after a bad app has been installed. This can be because the app interferes with the Operating System, or the app has been designed to intentionally prevent the OS from booting up for whatever reason. To check if you’ve installed a bad app, try to see if you can restart the device to Safe Mode. Safe Mode only allows pre-installed apps to run so if your OnePlus 7 turns on to safe mode, you can bet a bad app is to blame.

To restart your OnePlus 7 to safe mode:

  1. Long press Power key button on your device.
  2. You will see a message “Reboot to safe mode” option. Confirm it by tapping on the Ok button.
  3. Now, let the device reboot itself in safe mode. You will see a safe mode symbol at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. If reboot into safe mode is successful, you can start identifying which of your apps might the causing the problem.

To identify which of your apps is causing the problem, follow the steps below:

  1. Boot to safe mode.
  2. Check for the problem.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed that a third party app is to blame, you can start uninstalling apps individually. We suggest that you begin with the most recent ones you added.
  4. After you uninstall an app, restart the phone to normal mode and check for the problem.
  5. If your OnePlus 7 still refuses to power back on, repeat steps 1-4.

OnePlus 7 won’t turn on fix #8: Charge using PC or Power Bank

Sometimes, this type of problem is fixed by charging the device using a PC or Power bank. If you have any of those, try to see if helps. 

OnePlus 7 won’t turn on fix #9: Factory reset

If your OnePlus 7 still won’t turn on at this point, the final troubleshooting step that you can perform is to wipe it with factory reset. This will return all software settings to their defaults. If the cause of the problem is software in nature, factory or hard reset might help. Since your phone no longer turns back on, the only way to hard reset it is by accessing its Fastboot Mode. unfortunately, this won’t allow you to create a backup of your personal data so they’re good as gone. There won’t be no way for you to recover them after doing a hard reset.

  1. Press and hold the Power button for a few moments.
  2. Press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
  3. Release all keys when Fastboot Mode appears.
  4. In this mode choose Recovery by using Volume keys to navigate and the Power button to accept it.
  5. Now draw your pattern (or enter the passcode). If you have forgotten password tap Forgot Password.
  6. Two times select “OK” by tapping on the screen.
  7. That’s it, you’ve now successfully hard reset or factory reset your device.

OnePlus 7 won’t turn on fix #10: Get the phone repaired

If the device fails to turn on at all and you were not able to boot it to Fastboot Mode, you’ll need to have the phone repaired. Contact the store where you got the phone from or OnePlus store (whichever is applicable) and let the know of the situation. Make sure to mention all the things you’ve done so they know that necessary troubleshooting on your end have been performed. 


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