How To Fix Google Pixel 3 Google Play Music Skips Over Bluetooth Connection

The #Google #Pixel3 is the latest Pixel model to hit the market which was released late last year. This phone has an IP68 rated body made of an Aluminum frame and Corning Gorilla Glass on both the front and back. It uses a 5.5 inch P-OLED display which is a great size for viewing various multimedia content. Under the hood is a powerful Snapdragon 845 processor paired with 4GB of RAM allowing the device to run apps smoothly. Although this is a solid performing device there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Pixel 3 Google Play Music skips over Bluetooth connection issue.

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How To Fix Google Pixel 3 Google Play Music Skips over Bluetooth Connection

Problem: Hello, so I found your article about bluetooth issues in cars and I have experienced a weird issue with this. I have a Google Pixel 3 and a Honda Civic 2017. The Civic head unit actually runs an old version of Android with all of Honda’s custom software on it. I was a Google Play Music subscriber before this issue started happening. It didn’t always happen but it started after I got my Pixel 3. Basically music would skip or stutter once or twice every minute or so during playback which was annoying, but when I brought my car to Honda and they gave me a loaner car (Honda Accord 2018) the music played fine from my Google Music app, over bluetooth. Which proved to me that it wasn’t the phone. So they let me test my phone playing music in a different Honda Civic 2017 to determine if it was just MY car, but the issue still happened music would skip over bluetooth. So then I thought okay maybe it is my phone, so Verizon replaced my Pixel 3, same problem still occurred. So then I was like well if not just my car, but it worked in the Accord fine, and it’s not my specific phone. Then maybe I’ll try another app to play music from, and sure enough Spotify does not have this issue. So why would Google Play Music play fine over bluetooth in a different car, or even a bluetooth speaker, but not in my Honda Civic, why would using a different app work?

Solution: Before performing any troubleshooting steps on this phone it’s best to make sure that it is running on the latest software version. If an update is available then make sure to download and install it first.

Since this issue occurs when you are using the Google Music app let’s start the troubleshooting process by checking if the problem is caused by the app.

Check for updates to the Google Play Music App

Apps in your phone will usually be updated from time to time to improve their overall performance. To check if the Google Play Music app has a pending update just open the Google Play Store app then go to the My Apps section. From here you will see if the app has an update available. Update the app accordingly.

Check if the issue still occurs.

Clear the cache of the Google Play Music app

There are instances when corrupt cached data within the app can cause this particular problem. Clearing the cache and data of this app will usually fix the problem.

  • Go to Settings> App Manager.
  • Select the app you want to clear the cache.
  • Once you have selected the app, look for the app info screen.
  • Select Clear Cache.

Check if the issue still occurs.

Perform a Soft Reset

Sometimes this issue can be caused by a minor software glitch which can be fixed by refreshing the phone software. A soft reset must be performed in this case. This is done by pressing and holding the Power button for approximately 10 seconds or until the device power cycles.

In case the above steps fails to fix the problem then perform the additional troubleshooting steps listed below.

Reset the phone and car audio Bluetooth connection

To forget the Bluetooth connection from the phone proceed with the steps listed below.

  • Tap to open the Settings app on your Google phone.
  • Tap Connected devices.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • Tap Settings on the Bluetooth devices that you are not currently using then select the option to Forget.
  • If you see your car’s name in the list, it means that you paired your phone and car before. Tap Settings next to your car’s name then tap Forget. Doing so will erase your car along with other Bluetooth devices from your phone’s memory.

You should also forget the Bluetooth connection from your car system. Please consult the Honda manual on how to do this.

Once the above steps are done try connecting both devices again then check if the issue still occurs.

Reset network settings

This procedure is usually performed when you are having connection issues with the phone. When you perform this the following will be reset to their default values:

  • Cellular and Wi-Fi network settings (including saved networks and passwords)
  • Bluetooth connections

To perform this step

  • From a Home screen, touch and swipe up to display all apps.
  • Navigate to Settings – System About icon – Advanced
  • Tap Reset options Reset icon.
  • Choose: Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth
  • Tap Reset settings. Note If prompted, enter the PIN, password or pattern.
  • Tap Reset settings to confirm.

Pair your phone and your car then check if the issue still occurs.

Check if the issue occurs in Safe Mode

There are instances when an app you downloaded can cause this problem. To verify if this is the case you will need to start the phone in Safe Mode as only the pre-installed apps are allowed to run in this mode.

  • From the home screen, press and hold the Power key.
  • Release the Power key, then tap and hold Power off.
  • Read the Reboot to safe mode message and tap OK.
  • The device will power off and restart in safe mode.

If the problem does not occur in this mode then it could be caused by an app you downloaded. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

Perform a factory reset

One last troubleshooting step to consider is a factory reset. This will revert the phone back to its original factory condition. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing this step.

  • Hold the Power Button Until the Phone Is Off
  • Hold the Power Button and the Volume Down Button for a Few Seconds
  • Wait to See Fastboot Mode on the Screen
  • Let Go of the Buttons
  • Select Recovery Mode
  • Wait for the Android Robot Image to Pop Up
  • Hold Down the Power Button and Then Press the Volume Up Button
  • Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Select Yes
  • Select Reboot System Now

Once the reset is complete check if the issue still occurs.

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