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The Amazon Fire TV is one of the popular streaming media players available in the market which allows consumers to watch various content from several online providers such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and more. Just like other streaming device, it will turn your regular television to an Android TV, access free streaming apps and premium services— which are just a press away from the TV’s remote.

If you are still new to firestick remotes, figuring out how to use them with connected devices such as the Amazon TV is a bit complicated. From setting up the new TV device down to unlocking Alexa voice control feature of the remote firestick, you may want to call help from an expert to do the job instead. And how much more if the Amazon fire TV remote starts to act up? 

Indeed this media player is one of a kind, but you won’t be able to make use of the features this device offers without a working remote control.  Although this is a reliable device, there are instances when its remote might not be working properly. This is what we will be addressing today as we tackle how to fix firestick remote not working issue on Amazon TV.

If you tried to link Troypoint with your remote fire for free movies, live channels, pay-per-view and more, this might have triggered the remote to stopped working. Otherwise, try the solutions we have mapped out below.

Try replacing the Firestick or Fire TV Remote batteries

The first thing that you need to do whenever the remote fails to work is to assume that the battery is already drained. This is especially true if you are constantly pressing the button on the remote since this will use up a lot of battery life or this is a power hungry thing to do. The first thing you should do then is to replace the batteries with brand new batteries.

  • Use your thumbs to apply pressure on the back of the remote. Press down until the entire back cover slides down slightly.
  • Remove batteries from the back by lifting the back cover up and away from the remote.
  • Wait for 20 seconds and insert two AAA batteries (preferably Alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries).
  • Grab the back cover and put them back onto the remote, and slide down to snap it into place.

If you are still unable to view your TV shows even if your remote uses new set of batteries, the batteries may not be the issue. Thus, you need to further troubleshoot the firestick fire TV and the remote.

Pair the Fire TV Remote

Sometimes the problem can be caused by the remote not paired to the Fire TV. Unlike any other controllers Bluetooth devices in which you need to go to settings, the process is somehow different when pairing your Amazon TV remote and/or fire stick remote to the TV box. 

To pair fire stick remotes to your fire TV properly, make sure to follow the steps listed below.

  • Press and hold the Home key on the remote for at least 10 seconds. If you hold down the Home key, it will pair the remote with the Fire TV within a minute.
  • If  it does not pair then unplug the power adapter from the Fire TV device or from the wall outlet.
  • While the Fire TV device is off, reset the Fire TV remote by pressing the Menu button, Back button, and the left side of the navigation ring at the same time. Hold all of these buttons for 10 seconds. This will not reset factory settings on the Fire TV device. It removes Fire TV settings from the remote.
  • Remove the batteries from the Fire TV remote and plug in the Fire TV device. Wait for the Home screen to appear.
  • Put the batteries back in the Fire TV remote battery compartment and wait for one minute.
  • If the remote still hasn’t paired, you may need to hold the Home button down on the remote for 10 seconds.

Once the pairing is complete, try to check if the problem is already fixed. Make sure that the line of sight is not blocked. Another thing that you’ll need to check is the HDMI port at the back of the TV. Unplug it and plug back to refresh the connections.

Check the Fire TV or fire stick remote compatibility

You won’t have to perform this if the remote you are using came out of the box. If however you replaced the remote with a new one or a third party remote and that’s when the remote stops working, then try checking if it works with your particular Fire TV model (ex. Fire TV Cube and Fire TV stick 4K that uses 4K firestick remote). 

Try using the Fire TV app remote

If you have an Android or iOS device then you can go to their respective app stores ( Google Play and Play Store respectively ) and simply download the fire TV or Firestick remote app. Once you access your firestick app from your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to control your Amazon’s Fire TV directly from your device as long as it is connected to the same network as your Fire TV. The app remote may not work if they are connected to a different network. 

If you want to get further information about the app you are about to download, keep reading firestick remote app free guide and everything you need to know should be provided. Once the download is complete, open the app and try using it.

Replace the Fire TV Remote

If the remote is still not working, replacing or getting additional remote is the last thing you will have to do in case the above steps fails to fix the problem yet you are able to use the Fire TV remote app. This means that the original remote you are using is damaged and should be replaced with a new remote.

Replacement remotes for fire TV devices are available at the Amazon Store. If there’s no store available in your area, you can place the order online. The replacement remote will be sent to you once it is available. It may take a few days to receive the item but they will surely notify you via email with the ETA, so don’t forget to provide your working email address when placing your order. The store often offers a 30 day money back guarantee so if you are worried about getting a none working one, you can send the remote back to them and get your money back if the remote is not working.  

I hope that we are able to fix the firestick remote that stop working issue on your Amazon TV. If your Amazon firestick remote works this time and if you know someone whose fire TV stick remote isn’t working, feel free to share this post to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter. You can also show us your support by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. All rights reserved.

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