How to fix a Huawei P10 smartphone that won’t turn on? [Troubleshooting Guide]

There are two possibilities to consider when dealing with an issue in which a device won’t turn on. Either it’s due to a damaged hardware or erratic software on the phone.. For example, the battery or the device itself might have accumulated physical or liquid damage from previous instances of dropping or liquid exposure. It is also possible that your device is stuck on black screen due to major system errors or malware. In this case, the phone has power but just couldn’t get to properly render the desired display or screen output because something is preventing it from doing so. And because all you see on your phone is a black screen, you thought it’s not turning on but actually it has power.

Here in this post, I have compiled a rundown of all possible solutions and recommended workarounds to address a similar issue on a particular phone that is, the Huawei P10. Read on to find out what are your options should you too need to troubleshoot this problem on the same Huawei smartphone.

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Troubleshooting Huawei P10 that won’t turn on

The following solutions have already been proven to fix issues like this. Try to go through them to see if they work for you…

Plug into charger for at about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Sometimes it would take longer than usual for the battery to charge up especially when the device is encountering system errors like data corruption or  app crashes. That said, give your device a little more time to regain power. Also ensure that you’re using the original charging equipment when charging. Here’s the proper way to charge your Huawei P10 battery:

Connect the charger to a wall socket or power outlet. You will know if the battery is charging if you see the charging indicator on the screen. Again, it may take longer for the charging indicator to show up so just wait patiently.

Force restart while connected to charger.

Many people who encountered a similar issue were able to find remedy from performing this workaround. It won’t hurt if you too would give it a shot. Having said that, plug your phone to the charger and then force it to reboot.

To do so, simultaneously press the Power key and Volume Up key for a few seconds until the device power cycles.

If you find no luck in doing so, then  move on to the next applicable workaround.

Remove any SD card from the phone.

There are times when some contents of the SD card or the SD card itself gets corrupted and eventually caused conflict to certain functions of the phone. If you are using an SD card on your Huawei P10,, try to remove it then reattempt to charge your phone without the SD card in it. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Insert the SIM pin or ejector into the tiny hole in the card holder on the side of your phone.
  2. Remove the card holder from the phone.
  3. Remove the SD card then place the card holder back into its slot.

Now, charge your phone again without the SD card inserted. If that won’t work either, then try the next possible solution.

Connect your Huawei P10 to a computer.

Attempt to connect your phone to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Make sure your computer is turned and the device screen is active. Normally, your device will also charge the moment it’s plugged into the computer’s USB port.

If the computer recognizes your Huawei P10 as an external device, it means that your phone still has power but just stuck on a black screen. In this case, you will need to deal with black screen issue on the phone beforehand. Once that’s fixed, your device should be working fine as it should.

If you can get your device to power on, backup all your important data then reset your phone. Doing so will wipe out any malware or bad files that might have triggered your phone to get stuck on black screen at some point. Once  you have successfully reset your Huawei P10, you can set it up again as new and free from any bug..

Other Suggestions

  • Charge your Huawei P10 using other compatible charger. To rule a defective charger from the probable causes, try to use other charger that’s compatible with Huawei P10. If your phone charges using a different charger, then obviously your charger is at fault thus needs to be replaced. If your Huawei P10 won’t charge using all compatible chargers you’ve tried using, then most likely your device requires service. At this point, you should take your device to a service center and have it diagnosed further by a technician.
  • Use Android recovery/repair tool. Many Android recover and repair tools are now made available for free download online. These tools are purposely designed to aid users in attempting to recover data from their malfunctioning devices before restoring it. If you wish to give any of these tools a shot, just head online and search for the most credible Android recovery software there is for you to download. Read the reviews to have some inputs on how the software performed previously when used by other people. Once you’ve successfully downloaded and installed your preferred Android recovery tool, follow the onscreen instructions to restore and repair your device.

Seek Further Assistance

Just like any other smartphones, Huawei also has its very own support team that you can reach out if matters get worse, or problems are unresolved and need to be escalated. These people can assist you further in troubleshooting the problem and likewise give you other options.

Otherwise, visit your nearest Huawei service center and have your phone checked by a technician. The fact that your Huawei P10 still won’t turn on after exhausting all possible means on your end could already denote a more serious problem, most likely a physical or liquid damage on the phone that requires service. And this is what needs to be scrutinized and confirmed by a Huawei technician.

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