How to add a fingerprint on Galaxy Note9

If you’re tired of unlocking your Galaxy Note9 using traditional means (Pattern, PIN, Password), you can go ahead and try doing it with your unique fingerprint. First, you must ensure that your Note9 is set up to register your fingerprints. Once you’ve done that, you can then go ahead and add your fingerprints.

In order for the fingerprint scanner to detect your prints correctly, you want to make sure that your fingers are clean and don’t have moisture, dirt, oil, etc.

Remember, only up to 4 fingerprints can be registered (not necessarily all your own) so if you have another person that you allow to use your device from time to time, you can their fingerprints as well. Just make sure that the device captures the fingerprints properly to avoid any problems.

Like any other unlock options, you also want to ensure that you have a backup unlock key. Sometimes, fingerprint sensors may act up or may not be able to read prints properly. After multiple attempts to unlock by fingerprint, the device will ask for a backup unlock option to ensure that it’s you and not anybody else requesting to unlock it. Your Note9 will also ask you for the backup PIN, Password, or Pattern after a device is restarted. Needless to say, you want ensure that you remember your secondary screen unlock option. If not, you’ll have to do a painful factory reset to gain access to your device.

Steps to add a fingerprint on Galaxy Note9:

  1. Tap Apps icon to access your apps.
  2. Open Settings app.
  3. Tap Lock screen and security.
  4. From the Biometrics section, tap Fingerprint Scanner.
  5. If presented, enter the current PIN, password, or pattern.
  6. From the Manage fingerprints section, tap Add fingerprint.
  7. Swipe your fingertip down over the sensor (back of the device; below the camera) to scan. Repeat this step as necessary until the process is complete.
  8. Tap DONE (lower-right).
  9. From the Try it out screen, touch the fingerprint sensor to unlock.


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