Samsung Will Fix a Major Fingerprint Scanner Bug in an Update Tomorrow

Samsung has promised to send out an update within 24 hours to its 2019 flagships that come with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. This comes after a recent report revealed that these phones can be unlocked by practically any fingerprint. It is said that this only happens when the phone has a screen protector on.

Samsung started using its new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner earlier this year with the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ as well as the recently announced Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10+. We’ve come across something similar from Samsung’s older flagships where the Iris Scanner could be fooled by a picture or photo. So it seems like Samsung needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

If you own any of the devices mentioned above, you should see a notification on your phone from Samsung promising an update within 24 hours. The company has clarified that the update will only reach devices that have fingerprint unlocking enabled. This tells us that it’s not going to be a standard OTA update for all devices.

Once the update arrives, Samsung recommends removing the screen protector and registering new fingerprints to reset the algorithm. It is not clear if users can continue using screen protectors after this process, which leaves quite a bit of customers confused. Screen protectors are an essential accessory for any phone as it can help protect the front glass from damage upon impact. So asking customers to get rid of this will be a tough pill to swallow.

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Via: Android Police

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