How to hard reset or factory reset on Oppo A9 (2020)

There can be many different reasons why a user may factory reset or hard reset his or her Oppo device. Some of the common reasons though are due to problems not fixed by simple troubleshooting such as persistent lagging. In some, errors may keep returning when using an app and no other troubleshooting steps have helped. Still, others may want to clear their data before selling the device to make it good as new. Whatever your reason is, you’ll find this guide helpful in learning how to hard reset your Oppo A9 (2020).

We include two methods on how to factory reset your device. We suggest that you go for the first method as it’s easier to do. You can do this if you have no problem navigating to Settings app, like when you plan on selling or giving away your device. The second method is a bit complicated (but still easy). It’s recommended to be used only when a user has difficulty loading or opening Settings app.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Doing a hard reset on your Oppo A9 (2020) will result to data loss. This means that all personal data such as photos, videos, and downloaded music or documents will all be erased. Any personal data that are deleted via factory reset can no longer be recovered so be sure to back them up ahead of time. Items that can be synced to a cloud service can be re-downloaded after formatting the device.

What to do before doing a factory or master reset

In order to avoid encountering problems during and after a hard reset, there are a few things that you must do. Check them out below.

  1.  Verify you have the correct Phone password. Your device will ask you for your phone password during the reset so knowing this is necessary.
  2. Verify you have the correct Google account username and password. Your Android device will also ask you for the associated Google account username and password during hard reset. This is part of Google’s Factory Reset Protection scheme. If you can’t provide the correct credentials, you won’t be able to log back in to your phone after a factory reset. If you recently changed your Google account password, wait for at least 24 hours before doing a factory reset.
  3. Create a backup. We’ve already mentioned this earlier. Personal data such as contacts, images, videos and downloaded apps may be erased when you reset Android to factory settings. If you don’t want to risk losing your data, make sure it’s backed up in the cloud, on a storage drive or on another device.
  4. Charge your device or connect it to a charger. Depending on your device, it may take a while to format the storage device so be sure that there’s at least 50% battery left before doing a reset. Better still, try to connect it to a charger to avoid the system from shutting down due to lack of power. Never turn off your phone while it’s trying to perform a factory reset. Doing so runs a huge risk of damaging the software and causing errors to the system in general.

How to hard reset or factory reset on Oppo A9 (2020)

Below are the two methods on how to hard reset your Oppo A9 (2020).

Method 1: Hard reset or factory reset on Oppo A9 (2020) via Settings Menu

Wiping your Oppo A9 via Settings menu is simpler and faster so we recommend that you use this method first. This, of course, depends whether or not the Settings menu itself is accessible. Just follow the steps below on what to do.

  1. Unlock the screen.
  2. Find and open Settings app.
  3. Select Additional Settings.
  4. Tap Backup and Reset.
  5. Tap Reset to Factory Settings.
  6. In the next step, agree to Permissions Statement by tapping on OK.
  7. Select Clear All Data.
  8. Enter your PIN or password, or draw your pattern.
  9. Tap Clear Data to confirm action.

Method 2: Hard reset or factory reset on Oppo A9 (2020) via Recovery Mode

Some Android problems may sometimes prevent a user from using the phone normally or navigating to Settings. If that’s your case, consider booting your Oppo A9 (2020) to Recovery Mode first and perform a hard reset from there. Recovery Mode offers other options to modify the system. Unless you know what you’re doing, be sure to only follow the steps we supply below to avoid other issues.

  1. Turn off the phone by pressing and holding the Power button (left side button) for a few seconds then pulling the middle button to the bottom.
  2. Once the phone has been powered down, press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons.
  3. Release both buttons once the Oppo logo appears.
  4. Select English using the Power button. You can also tap on it.
  5. Navigate to Wipe data using Volume Down button.
  6. Select Wipe data with Power button. You can also tap on it.
  7. Enter the lockscreen password or draw your pattern.
  8. Select Format data.
  9. Tap OK to confirm action.

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