5 Best IFTTT Applets For Alexa

IFTTT is an excellent way to get started with home automation. When IFTTT is paired with a service like Alexa, the experience is even better. Alexa helps you automate things in tandem with IFTTT, which lets you create a command for basically any product or app that you can think of. For example, you can choose for an Instagram post to be sent out at a certain time or choose for your images to be backed up to your Dropbox every few days. Applets can be anything and the best part is that a lot of the major devices and appliances manufacturers have enabled support for these applets with their products.

This means you can theoretically turn the lights on or off at a predetermined time using nothing but your smartphone. But as someone new to IFTTT, knowing about all the useful applets can be slightly difficult. This is why our list of the best IFTTT applets for Alexa will help you a great deal.

So let’s have a look.

5 Best IFTTT Applets For Alexa

Make a cup of coffee

You can wake up in the morning and have a fresh cup of coffee brewing even before you step out of the bed. This is only possible with the Alexa enabled Mr. Coffee smart coffee maker, which will work with a simple command like “Alexa, trigger brew coffee” and the coffee will be up and running in no time. However, there is no app or service yet that can remind you to put beans on the machine the night before or if it’s running low. However, it’s easy to create an applet for practically anything, so it shouldn’t be too hard a job.

It is also worth considering that Alexa enabled coffee makers are relatively new in the scene, so you can probably expect these features in due time.

Lock up your garage door

This can come in handy if you’re usually forgetful about garage doors. You can use this in tandem with a bunch of smart garage door controllers, and you can lockdown the entire place by also giving access to the lights of the garage. This, in theory, means you can lock up the garage and turn off the lights at the same time with a simple command. Setting up a command is easy on Alexa, with the ability to even have your own commands. Lights will require you to invest in Philips Hue or similar smart home enabled lights to match with this particular applet.

Sadly, locking up your front door is not possible right now with smart locks, although this is a feature we expect to see in the near future. However, due to security reasons, it’s probably better to not have a command setup for this purpose. You can check out Garageio’s lineup of smart door controllers on Amazon for more on this Alexa skill.

Lights out at night

This seems like a relatively easier skill to have on your Alexa and IFTTT enabled appliance, but still worth trying if you haven’t given it a shot yet. This allows you to turn off the lights at your home at a given time and works very well with Philips Hue lineup of smart bulbs. This also requires the lighting of your entire home to be smart home compatible, which can be a bit of a challenge in many homes. The applets also allow you to shut off all the lights at once by adding them in groups, but it’s a bit of a hassle. However, that’s the only possible way you can turn off the lighting of your entire home with a single Alexa command.

We highly recommend you to check this feature out with the Philips Hue lineup of LED bulbs for your home. It can also be controlled using a dedicated app, while IFTTT integration makes it a real winner in our books.

Find your phone

It happens more than we like to admit, but our phones go missing inside our homes more often than not. For such annoying situations, Alexa and IFTTT can come to your rescue. To enable this feature, you will need to provide your phone number to IFTTT which will then trigger a test call with a PIN number to pair with your phone. Once setup, you can spring up a command like “Alexa, find my phone” and it will automatically direct a call to your phone number, thus helping you find it. Your situation might be hopeless if your phone is in DnD or silent mode, although there are applets to make sure the phone is switched back to normal mode, which doesn’t take too long to learn.

If you find yourself spending a great deal of time looking for your phone at home (or outside), this applet might be very useful as it can immediately trigger a phone call. This works with practically any phone regardless of the operating system it’s running.

Lights turn on when the alarm goes off

This is an important security feature to have and one that we highly recommend everyone to try out. If there’s ever the fear of an intruder at your home, this feature can help alleviate most of your fears. By setting up the alarm with the applets, you can create a situation where all or some of the lights at your home are automatically turned on when a security alarm goes off. This can be done for practically any alarm that goes off in your home, including smoke alarms.

It is highly recommended to get this feature enabled in your bedroom as alarms can usually be relatively quiet and might not get your attention immediately. But by having lights to turn on in your bedroom, your attention will be gained quickly, and thus help remedy the alarm situation at your home. This feature works effortlessly with Philips Hue series of LED bulbs. Be sure to check them out on Amazon.