Facebook launches ‘Study by Facebook’ market research program

After being caught in some sketchy market research practices, Facebook is launching a new, better program for learning about how people use their devices.

Called Study by Facebook, Android users are able to sign-up for this program, where Facebook will be able to monitor how you use your smartphone in exchange for cash payments from Facebook.

While Facebook isn’t offering information on how much participants will get, they did mention that they’re trying a new model — reward-based market research. We’re not sure how that all works, or what performance you have to reach to get paid.

However, it is a fairly exclusive club. If you want to join in, you have to watch for an ad from Facebook in regards to the Study program. Once you see it, you can click or tap it to follow along through the sign-up process.

Facebook pulls a lot of activity data from your phone after you’re all set up, but doesn’t collect passwords or personal information.

source: Facebook

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