Google Photos Will Soon Roll Out Text Search using OCR

Over this past weekend, the Google Photos Twitter account officially confirmed an upcoming feature on its app that can allow users to search for text in the photos. This can be helpful while searching for documents or Wi-Fi passwords. The company will use optical character recognition or OCR for this feature, which can be found on multiple apps but has somehow been lacking on Google Photos up until now.

To access this feature, you simply have to type in the contents of the image text, and once found, you can choose to copy the contents of the text to paste it on another app. Google Photos is already pretty advanced with features like face recognition and accurate grouping, so the addition of OCR only makes it better among its rivals.

While Google Photos is available by default on Android phones, the app also has a fair bit of popularity among iPhone users. This is primarily due to the fact that Google doesn’t charge anything for its cloud photo storage and gives you instant access to all your photos using the email account you’re signed into. Users who intend to keep photos in the original resolution will have to get storage on Google Drive.

As for the OCR feature that’s making its way to the app, the tweet mentions that it will begin rolling out in September, so Android and iOS users should see the update arrive in the next few weeks.

Do you use Google Photos for cloud backup of your photos and videos?

Source: @googlephotos

Via: Phandroid

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