Google Photos gets Dark Mode for Android Pie and Oreo phones

Google is finally rolling out Dark Mode for Google Photos to devices that are running Android Pie and Android Oreo. It was previously pretty buggy, but it appears that the search giant has worked out many of the quirks.

Google has been working on a Dark Mode for a lot of its software for awhile now, but we certainly find the coincidence funny after Apple announced a Dark Mode for iOS 13 at WWDC 2019 the other day.

It’s worth noting that Google Photos itself doesn’t have its own independent toggle for Dark Mode, at least not yet. That said, you can see if your phone is Dark Mode eligible for the app by heading into Settings > Display > Advanced > Device theme. You’ll just want toggle on dark mode to the on position.

If you’re not on Android Pie or Oreo, you’ll have to wait until Google adds that backwards compatibility to older versions of the operating system, or until it gives Google Photos its own independent toggle.

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