Users Can Now Order Physical Photo Prints with Same-Day Pickup on Google Photos

Just as Flickr recently announced the ability to order physical photos on canvas, metal or paper prints, Google Photos has stepped into the scene with a photo printing service of its own. Google has just made the announcement and this service is available in the U.S. starting today with a wider rollout expected in October.

Google will let you order paper prints directly with the Photos app, which should see the addition of a new “Print shop” option. Once ordered, you can pick up your photos from one of the 11,000 Walmart or CVS locations available in the U.S. Pricing for these 4×6 prints will start from $0.25, and there’s also the ability to ask a friend or family to pick up the photos in your stead. Users can also get their photos printed on canvas (8×8, 12×14, and 16×20) starting at $19.99.

Although it is said that photos will be ready to be picked up the same day, the duration may vary depending on the outlet. It is recommended to contact CVS after placing the order to get an estimated pickup time for your prints. Users can select as many photos as they want and initiate the prints immediately.

While this is a U.S. only offering for now, Google will reportedly make it available in other markets by next month. Not only is this a cheaper alternative to Flickr’s printing service, but since Photos is available by default on almost every Android phone, more users will be able to take advantage of this convenient printing option.

If you’re not seeing the Print shop option on your Google Photos app, be sure to check for an update on the Play Store. It isn’t clear if this feature will be limited to Android or if iPhone users will also be able to print photos using this method.

Via: Android Authority

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