5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For LG G7 ThinQ

It goes without saying, the LG G7 ThinQ has a wonderful camera setup. The smartphone is able to take jaw-dropping stills and record wonderful video; however, there’s just one problem — like all smartphones, video seems to turn out shaky, even with features like optical image stabilization. It’s able to clean up a lot of

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone has a lot of hype around it in regards to the camera. It doesn’t have the dual-camera setup that many smartphones are opting for today, but it does have a magnificent single rear 12-megapixel camera. It’s able to take some excellent quality footage, but unfortunately, that quality easily degrades due

9 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For iPhone XR In 2020

The iPhone XR might be dubbed as Apple’s “budget” smartphone, but it does come with a downgraded camera that needs the best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For iPhone XR. You don’t get that dual-lens setup that comes on the XS devices, and unfortunately, that just means you get more shaky video. Software features like optical image

9 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For Pixel 3 XL

Google’s new Pixel 3 XL is nothing short of amazing. It even has a great camera — it’s a 12.2-megapixel rear shooter, but it’s able to take some phenomenal stills and videos. As per the usual though, you can take some great video with the smartphone, but it can still come out pretty shaky due

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For OnePlus 6T

OnePlus has tried to pack one of the best cameras on the market in the OnePlus 6T, and they’ve done a damn good job. This one has a dual-camera, using a 16-megaixel sensor. Suffice to say, you can take some really excellent photos and videos with the smartphone. However, while you can take excellent video

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For iPhone XS Max In 2020

The iPhone, well known for its camera prowess, continues to impress in the XS Max, you can easily take top photo and video with the phone’s dual-camera setup. However, there’s at least one area where the iPhone, and any other phone, falters: in the smoothness of the video. Our hands just don’t have the precision

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei has equipped its new P30 devices with an excellent, triple camera setup. You’ll be able to not only take some beautiful photographs, but take your video quality to the next level as well. Recording video is no problem with the Huawei P30 Pro, able to record content in a crisp and clear 4K resolution.

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For Pixel 3

Smartphones can take some amazing photos and videos these days, but unfortunately, even with technologies like optical image stabilization built-in, video recordings can still come out extremely shaky. This is just the nature of the human hand — you just aren’t able to capture footage with the precision that you see in the movies. However,

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For Google Pixel 3a

Taking video is both an amazing and difficult process on smartphones. The Google Pixel 3a specifically has a single 12.2-megapixel camera that is able to take some excellent photos, and even film some sweet video in up to a 2K resolution. It even comes with optical image stabilization to help keep video smooth, but it’s

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5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For LG G8 ThinQ

LG’s new G8 ThinQ comes with an excellent camera. There are actually two models in tow — one, you can get with an excellent dual-camera setup, or you can pay a little extra for an advanced triple camera setup. That said, you can take some excellent quality photos and videos with either setup. Unfortunately, something

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For Huawei P30

The Huawei P30 comes with a pretty sweet camera setup, but what better to compliment it than with a video stabilizing gimbal? A gimbal can do a lot for the Huawei P30, essentially being able to eliminate shaky and smooth video so that what you record is able to get real close to the quality

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For iPhone XS In 2020

Choppy, shaky video. It’s something that we all hate in our own recorded videos, but it’s also just a face of life. Unfortunately, software features like optical image stabilization just isn’t enough to smooth out shaky video, and that’s largely because of the lack of precision our hands have when it comes to something like

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For Razer Phone 2

Are you having trouble taking some smooth and shaky-free video on your brand new Razer Phone 2? That’s usually the case for all smartphones — our hands just don’t have the precision to keep the phone still enough to take butter smooth video. In the movies, it’s usually a complex system of hardware and accessories

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For LG V40 ThinQ

The LG V40 ThinQ has an absolutely amazing dual camera on the back. It can take phenomenal stills, and even better video footage. In fact, software is optimized for taking really great video, allowing users to adjust many camera features manually in order to obtain the perfect shot. While this goes a long way to

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has an outstanding camera — there’s a 12-megapixel performer that sits on the rear of the device, and it’s able to take some excellent stills and record some of the best video found in a smartphone today. However, that video — much like all smartphones — is degraded due to the

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For Essential Phone

The Essential Phone made a lot of hype before it’s launch, touting itself at what Andy Rubin – the Father of Android — pictured the Android phone to be. This got many people extremely excited for the smartphone, with the device virtually flying off the shelves. One of the neat aspects of the phone is

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For HTC U12 Plus

If there’s one thing that we care about most in our smartphones, it’s easily the camera — we want to be able to take excellent photos and memories that we can share with our friends and family or look back on at a later time in life. No longer do you have to have those

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For LG V35 ThinQ

The LG V35 ThinQ has an excellent camera setup that can record some really awesome video footage. With its dual camera setup, you’ll get only the best high resolution quality, but there’s just one problem that V35 ThinQ is plagued with. Just like any other smartphone on the market, footage comes at shaky, even if