How to Forward Outlook to Gmail | Windows

Outlook and Gmail platforms both support email forwarding. This allows you to automatically forward emails from Outlook to Gmail and vice versa. This post demonstrates the standard process of automating email forwarding between Outlook and Gmail. Here’s how to forward Outlook to Gmail in Windows 10

What is Email Forwarding?

With email forwarding,  you can create an extra email address to receive emails. The extra email address is also known as email alias. 

Modern email platforms like Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook already have automatic email forwarding features. Having said that, you can set your Outlook account to send all received emails to  your Gmail account automatically. In order to make this happen, you will need to activate email forwarding on Outlook. 

Steps to Automatically Forward Outlook emails to Gmail

The following steps will help you configure Outlook (Outlook.com) on the web browser to automatically forward emails you get to your Google email address (Gmail).

  • To get started, open the Outlook app through the Start menu or using Start search.
  • If you haven’t already, sign into your Outlook email account.
  • On the Outlook app’s main screen, click the Settings/Gear icon located in the Outlook on the web toolbar.
  • To continue, click the option to View All. All Outlook settings will then be displayed.
  • Click Mail under Settings then select Forwarding on the succeeding menu.
  • In the Forwarding section, click to mark the checkbox to Enable forwarding.
  • Enter your Google email address (Gmail) in the provided text field under Forward my email to.
  • If you want to get a copy of the forwarded emails, just check the box before Keep a copy of forwarded messages. Otherwise, leave the box unchecked.
  • To save the recent changes, click Save on the upper-right corner of the screen.

All emails from your Outlook.com account will then be forwarded to your Gmail account automatically.

Forward Emails using Outlook Rules and Conditions

Outlook emails can also be forwarded automatically to another email account by setting up a rule. In this case, only the emails that meet the set criteria will be forwarded. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click Settings then select the option to View All settings on Outlook.
  • From the Settings menu, click Mail then click Rules on the succeeding menu.
  • Navigate to the Rules section then click the option to Add a new rule.
  • On the next menu, enter a descriptive name for the new rule you’d like to create. To make it easier for you to remember what the rule is, set a relevant name.
  • In the Add a condition section, click the drop-down arrow to view available options. Among the given options include Has attachment, From, and Importance.
  • To forward all emails with attachments, select Has attachment.
  • To forward all emails from a specific sender, select From.
  • To forward only emails marked with high importance, select Importance.
  • Just choose how you’d like the emails to be forwarded. 
  • After setting the condition, click the Add an action drop-down then choose any from the following formats:
  • Forward to – if you want the messages to be forwarded as email.
  • Forward as attachment – if you want to forward complete emails as unmodified attachments.

After setting an action, enter the email address (email alias) where new messages that meet the specified rules and conditions should be sent automatically.

In Outlook desktop version, you can create rules to auto-forward emails to Gmail with these steps:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Navigate to the Home tab then go to the Move section.
  • In the Move section, click Rules then select the option to Manage Rules & Alerts from the drop-down menu.
  • Click New Rule to proceed.
  • Navigate to the Start from a blank rule section and click Apply rule on messages I receive then click Next.
  • Set your criteria to filter messages that you’d like to forward then click Next.
  • If prompted, confirm that you’d like to apply the new rules to all messages.
  • On the succeeding window, select the option to Forward it to people or public group then click the people or public group link or hypertext.
  • To continue, enter the Google email address (Gmail) that you want to forward the email to. Be sure to enter the complete email address ([email protected]) in the To box at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the name for your rule then check the box before Turn on this rule under Step 2: Setup rule options.
  • Once you’re done setting your rule, click the Finish button.

All incoming emails to your Outlook account that meet the set criteria will be forwarded to the Gmail address you specified.

Stop Auto-Forwarding of Emails in Outlook?

Should you wish to stop auto-forwarding of your Outlook emails to Gmail, just launch the Outlook application then go back to Home-> Rules-> Manage Rules & Alerts. Then, uncheck the box next to the rule that you’d like to turn off or disable.

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