Fixing The Samsung Galaxy S5 Not Recognizing microSD Card Issue

One way to expand the storage of an Android device is by using a microSD card. Owners of the #Samsung Galaxy #S5 for example can move their personal data such as music, movies, photos, and documents to the microSD to make more space on their phone’s internal storage for stuff that matters most ( such as gaming apps). The camera of the phone can also be set to automatically save photos and videos to the microSD card thus saving some internal storage space.

Samsung Galaxy S5

There are however times when the microSD card can’t be accessed and this is what we will be fixing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S5 not recognizing microSD card issue.

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S5 Not Recognizing microSD Card

Problem: When I insert my micro SD card and go into my storage on my settings it doesn’t even show that I have a SD card in.

Solution: Make sure that the card is inserted properly in your phone. Take the card out and insert it again. Pay attention to the orientation of the microSD card when inserting it. Push the card  into the card slot until you feel a resistance.

If the microSD card still does not show on your phone then try restarting your device.

You should also verify if the microSD card is indeed working by inserting it in another phone or having a computer read it.

Once you have verified that the microSD card is working then insert it back to your phone.

Check if this issue is caused by a glitch in your phone software by backing up your phone data ( use Kies to do this) and doing a factory reset.

If after the factory reset the problem still persists then bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S5 Not Reading microSD Card

Problem: Woke up today to some apps not available.  Checking SD card for errors.  Preprint SD card, no response.  Restarted with it in and out, power down completely with it in and out, won’t read SD card; won’t power up past red Verizon screen with it in.  No water damage, didn’t drop phone, didn’t overheat overnight.

Solution: Since your phone does not boot up completely with the microSD card inserted then the card may already be faulty. Try inserting this card in another phone or have your computer read it. If it is possible to retrieve the data stored in the microSD card then do it. You can do this using your computer by copying the files that you want to back up and saving them in your computer.

To resolve this issue I suggest you get a new microSD card.

S5 Photos Missing From microSD Card

Problem: I’ve lost photos stored on sd card. Photos can be made and stored but then a grey card like creeps up from bottom of photo and destroys them. This is happening on an S5 that was replaced  by Verizon for the very same reason.  I’ve changed sd cards from Sandisk to samsung 64GB  for all three card replacements. It’s maddening.

Solution: Since this issue occurs despite replacing the device and using three different microSD card then it may be caused by an app installed in your phone. You should conduct an experiment for a couple of days and see if this is the case. Backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Do not install any apps on your phone. Use your phone as you normally would and take photos with it. Check if the photos still gets corrupted. If it doesn’t get corrupted then the problem is most likely caused by a third party app. To find out what app is causing the problem install your usual apps one at a time in your phone. After each app installation check your photos. Once the photos get corrupted after installing a particular app then that app is causing the problem.

S5 Not Transferring Data To microSD

Problem: I have a microSD card and my phone reads it, but don’t transfer anything to it and won’t let me transfer anything to it. What the heck? How come I can’t send anything to my SD card?

Solution: If you have any personal data stored in the microSD card then make a backup copy of it first. You can use a computer to help you backup your data. To resolve this issue try to format the microSD card using your phone then check if you can transfer data to it.

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