How to Fix Roblox Send Request failed: HRESULT 0x80072efd error in Android 11

This post highlights a few potential solutions to fix Roblox Send Request failed error:HRESULT 0x80072efd in Android 11. Read on to learn what to do if you encounter the same error when playing Roblox on your Android tablet or smartphone.

fix Send Request failed HRESULT 0x80072efd error Roblox Android 11

What triggers Roblox Send Request Failed error?

This Roblox error is attributed to several factors including firewall, Internet problems, big game file size, empty game/server,bad or unstable game itself.

It may also occur when the device is having difficulty communicating certain bits of information from the Roblox servers. Generally, it’s an indication of a connection problem either on your end or the Roblox server itself. 

That said, checking the current status of Roblox server is highly recommended before troubleshooting. You can use down detector tools to access and view the Roblox outage map or visit the Roblox Status page via Roblox official website or Twitter account.

Troubleshooting Roblox Send Request failed: HRESULT 0x80072efd error

To rule out common factors on your end that might have prevented your device from accessing all required data from the Roblox server, you can try these subsequent workarounds.

First solution: Quit Roblox then restart the device.

Network-related issues are inevitable among network-based apps like Roblox. Should this be just a random hiccup affecting your internet connection, performing a soft reset or restarting the app will likely straight things up. It’s like giving apps and system functions a clean fresh start.

Simply quit the app and then restart the device.

After rebooting, retry loading the Roblox game that you’re trying to play and then see if the error is gone.

A soft reset doesn’t affect any saved data on the device storage so there’s no need to worry of losing important files.

Second solution: Clear app cache and data.

Errant cache or corrupted residual files from within the app storage that have been corrupted can also trigger various errors and make the app unstable. To rule this out from the underlying cause, clearing cache and data from the Roblox app can be considered an option. 

Clearing cache will delete all accumulated temporary files used by the app while clearing app data removes all saved data for the app including login credentials, game stats and the like.

To clear app cache in Android 11, just follow these steps:

Clearing app cache and data is also a way of freeing up storage space not only for the app but on the entire system itself.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Select Roblox.
  • Tap Storage to access the app’s storage.
  • Tap Clear Cache to delete all temporary files accumulated by the app.
  • Or, tap Clear Data then tap OK on the pop-up warning to confirm action.

Please note that clearing data will reset the app to its factory default state and so any personal settings saved on the app will be deleted.

After clearing app cache and data, relaunch Roblox and re-enter your account credentials if prompted to sign in.

Third solution: Optimize your Internet connection.

Troubleshooting internet problems on your Android device is also imperative in this case. As mentioned earlier, random network issues are typically the root cause of this Roblox error, so that must also be addressed. These are the tweaks you can try to fix random internet problems on your Android tablet or smartphone.

  • Disconnect then reconnect Wi-Fi. Random internet issues are remedied by simply turning Wi-Fi off for a few seconds and then turning it back on again. It’s like refreshing your device’s Wi-Fi internet connection. 
  • Enable-disable Airplane mode. The so-called Airplane mode trick has also been proven to work wonders when dealing with wireless internet issues in mobile devices. Turning Airplane on disconnects all wireless services simultaneously and turning it off again, re-enables them. So it’s like a simultaneous restart to your device’s wireless features.
  • Modem/router power cycle. This is often regarded as the key solution to various types of internet problems affecting a wireless home network. ISP’s often recommend this as the ultimate solution whenever you call for tech support regarding internet issues. And here’s how it’s done:
    • Turn off the modem/router by pressing on the Power button until it powers down.
    • While the device is powered off, unplug its adapter from the power source.
    • After 1 minute, plug it back in and wait for the modem/router to execute the boot sequence.
    • Once all the light indicators have stabilized, your mobile device should re-establish Wi-Fi connection. 

To check and see if the internet is working, open your browser then try loading random websites. If all sites are loading properly, then that’s an indication that the internet is working fine. At this point, you can go ahead and retry launching your Roblox game and see if the error is gone.

Fourth solution: Reset network settings.

If none of the above procedures is able to fix the error on Roblox, then you may have to consider opting for a network reset. This reset is often deemed among the last options when dealing with recurring network issues affecting online apps and services in mobile devices.

Performing this reset deletes all your current network settings and custom network settings including any invalid network configurations.

  • To get started, tap Settings from  your Home or Apps screen.
  • From the Settings menu, tap General management.
  • Tap Reset to proceed.
  • Select Reset network settings from the given options.
  • Tap Reset settings on the succeeding window.
  • Then tap Reset to confirm action.
  • The device will then start wiping all custom network settings and then restores the original network configuration. After the reset, automatic system reboot instigates.
  • Just wait for the device to finish rebooting and once it’s up, you can reconnect to your Wi-Fi network like the first time.

Unstable internet connections that caused online app problems should be addressed with a network reset.

Other Suggestions

Should you encounter the same error when playing Roblox using an Android 11 browser app, verify and ensure that the browser in use is supported and up to date. Adjusting security settings and disabling ad-block can also help solve the problem, especially if Roblox is tagged by the security software in use.

And should this be a recurring error, uninstalling and reinstalling the problematic app can be deemed a drastic solution. But in this case, reinstalling the app can only be regarded as the last resort if the problem persists with the Roblox server available.

Hope this helps!

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