How to fix Oppo A9 (2020) that won’t turn on | No Power, screen is black

One of the common problems in smartphones is failure to power back on. If your Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on or has black screen issue, there are a number of factors that you must check to fix the problem. Learn what you can do about this problem by following our solutions in this guide.

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How to fix Oppo A9 (2020) that won’t turn on | No Power, screen is black

If your Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on or has no power, there are a number of troubleshooting steps that you must do in order to fix it.

Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on fix #1: Charge device

If your Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on out of the blue, it’s possible that there’s nothing with it and it may have simply run out of juice. To check if that’s the case, charge your phone for at least 30 minutes. Be sure not to operate the phone while it’s charging in order not to interrupt the topping up process. Most of the time, Android users may have simply forgot that their device’s battery have simply run out of power. This can happen if the battery drains power to a certain level.

Once the phone has charged for up to 30 minutes, restart the device again and see it works.

Also, make sure that you only use the charging cable and adapter that comes with your Oppo phone. Third party accessories may not work properly so in order to avoid possible complications, stick with the official charging cable and adapter.

Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on fix #2: Remove case

This may seem odd but third party phone cases may be designed poorly and not match the size and spec of your device. This can have the effect of blocking the optical sensor, thus preventing the screen from turning on. If you’re not using any protective case at all, just skip this troubleshooting step.

Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on fix #3: Check for hardware damage

In order to avoid wasting time and effort, the next good troubleshooting step that you want to do is to check if there’s physical damage. You must do this if your Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on after dropping it or after it got wet. In any of this case, it’s possible that bad hardware may be the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, you’ll need to have your phone checked by a qualified technician. Visit your local Oppo store or Service Center for help.

Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on fix #4: Check charging port for water or moisture

Although your Oppo A9 (2020) does not have dust- and water-resistance certification, it should still be able to block dust or moisture to a certain degree. If your phone was recently exposed to water or moisture, it’s possible that the phone has lost power because it won’t charge. If your device has wet charging port, it will not charge to prevent damaging the system. Try to dry the phone first. Gently shake the phone and dry it using a clean, soft cloth. Water naturally evaporates even in room temperature so just leave the device for a few hours near a warm-producing appliance like the back of a TV. 

Do not place your device near direct heat source like oven, furnace or sunlight.

Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on fix #5: Check for overheating

If your phone has become uncomfortably warm to touch before eventually turning off, it may be overheating. By design, Android devices are supposed to power down if internal temperature has become too hot to avoid damage. What you want to do is to let the device rest. Place your device in a cool place to let it cool down. Leave your phone unused and powered down for at least 30 minutes before restarting it. 

Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on fix #6: Force restart device

In case your Oppo device has frozen or is stuck in a black screen, you can try to force restart your phone. This may work if there’s a minor bug that prevents the system from booting up properly. A force reboot won’t delete your personal data except the bugs or information that are broken or invalid.

To force reboot your Oppo A9 (2020):

  1. Disconnect the charging cable if it’s connected to your phone.
  2. If you’re using a third party protective case, make sure to remove it to avoid phone buttons being stuck.
  3. Press and hold both the Power and Volume Up buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the OPPO logo.   

Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on fix #7: Check for Black Screen issue

Sometimes, end users may not be able to tell if the phone is having a problem with the screen (Black Screen issue), or if the device has really become dead (No Power issue). The two issues are sometimes mixed but it’s pretty simple to tell each other apart, though any of them may require repair. 

Black Screen issue is usually indicated by, as the name suggests, black screen. The screen remains black or unresponsive even though there are signs that the phone may still be functional. If your Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on or the screen stays black but it continues to make a sound when there’s incoming messages or alerts, still vibrates when you try to restart it thru the Power button, then you have Black Screen issue at hand. No Power issue on the hand has the device totally unresponsive and there’s total absence of signs that the Oppo A9 (2020) is still working.

If you have a Black screen problem, the best thing to proceed from here on is to have the phone examined by a professional, preferably someone from Samsung Service Center.

If you have No Power issue, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on fix #8: Boot to Recovery Mode

In case there’s a problem with Android software not booting up properly, you can try to reboot the device to Recovery Mode. In this mode, you can perform a number of actions that may help in fixing a possible software issue. Primarily, you want to wipe the data off your device, effectively restoring the software to defaults. If you can successfully boot your device Recovery Mode, there’s a chance that your issue may be fixed. Below are the steps to boot to Recovery Mode and eventually factory reset it.

  1. Turn off the device. This is important. If you can’t turn it off, you’ll never be able to boot to Recovery Mode. If you are not able to shut the device off regularly via the Power button, wait until the phone’s battery is drained. Then, charge the phone for 30 minutes before booting to Recovery Mode.
  2. Once the phone has turned off, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for at least eight seconds, until the phone enters Recovery Mode.
  3. Tap Wipe data.
  4. Enter your Password or PIN.
  5. Tap Format data.
  6. Tap OK.
  7. Wait for the device to erase the data partition.
  8. Tap OK.

NOTE: Wiping your device in Recovery Mode will erase all of your personal data. There’s no way to create a backup of your data if you can’t turn the phone on ahead of time so you must accept the fact that you’ll lose your files afterwards.

Oppo A9 (2020) won’t turn on fix #10: Repair

If your Oppo A9 (2020) still won’t turn on after a factory reset, you should consider having the phone checked by a certified Oppo technician. Visit your local Oppo store or Service Center for help.


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