How To Fix Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Server Timed Out Error

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a surprise viral hit and even its developers did not anticipate that their game would take over the gaming world. At this time, some players are reporting server timed out error when Fall Guys tries to connect to matchmaking, or even after the game has successfully connected to the server.

Many players are getting any of these errors: 

  • “We underestimated the number of jellybeans in the jar. We’re working hard to increase server capacity but please be aware that matchmaking may be up and down during the launch window.”
  •  “Connection to Server Timed Out. Please Check the Settings and Try Again.” 

If you are one of these unlucky players experiencing any of these errors, continue reading to know how to fix it.

What are the causes for Fall Guys server timed out error

So far, we’ve only identified three reasons for most Fall Guys Server Timed Out error. Any of these things should be the reason for your own server issue.

Server-side problems.

The most common reason for server disconnection problems for Fall Guys so far is due to server capacity trouble. Due to significantly high number of users playing the game, some are unable to connect to matchmaking servers while others may be disconnected in the middle of the game.

If you were able to play Fall Guys before without any problems but now the game keeps disconnecting, it may be due to a server problem.

Local network issue.

Another possible reason for Fall Guys Server Timed Out error can be an issue with your own internet connection. Any of these three can occur so you must check if one is currently happening in your network:

  • Network congestion
  • Slow connection
  • Intermittent connection

Third party program interference.

If Fall Guys started having connection problems after you’ve installed an application on your computer, that program may be interfering with the connection or with the game in general. Try to delete the said application and see if that will fix the problem.

How to fix Fall Guys Server Timed Out error

There are a number of possible solutions that you can try if Fall Guys game keeps getting the Server Timed Out error. Try each of them below in this order:

  1. Verify for server issues.

    Server troubles happen even for well-prepared games. To check if there’s on-going game server issues, you can visit the official Mediatonic Twitter page or their support page.You can also use Google search to know of any known issues that are reported by other players outside the official channels. MediaTonic

  2. Check for slow or intermittent speed issue.

    Some Steam players have reported to us that they encountered connection problems with Fall Guys due to slow connection. To check, try running a speed test on your PC or PS4 to see what’s your current download and upload speed. I can confirm that this game works normally on Steam on 5Mbps but not lower than that. If you have a download speed slower than 5Mbps, it may lead to connection problems.When troubleshooting for possible local network issue, it’s always a good idea to reboot the modem or router.router 1

  3. Check for network congestion.

    Another related cause is low bandwidth. Even if your ISP internet connection is fast, it’s possible that your PC or PS4 may be running out of bandwidth at this time due to many devices using your connection. To see if that’s the case, try disconnecting other devices from your network and make sure to leave only your PS4 or PC when playing Fall Guys. Then, run a speed test to double check your download speed.PS4 speed test 1

  4. Disable Windows firewall.

    If you play on your computer, you can also check the cause of Server Timed Out error is an incorrect or malfunctioning firewall. Just open the Control Panel on Windows and search for Windows Firewall. Once you have disabled the Windows Firewall, run Fall Guys again and see if the connection problem is gone.How To Turn Off Windows Defender In Windows 10Windows Firewall

  5. Uninstall programs.

    Other applications may cause a problem with other applications or games. If you noticed that Fall Guys started acting up after you’ve added a new app, try deleting that from the system. Once you’ve uninstalled it, make sure to restart your PC before running the game again.

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