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Do you know that there’s a handy way to find your missing Joy-Cons (the default controllers that comes with your Nintendo Switch)? Locating or finding your missing Joy-Cons is really easy.  These controllers are so tiny and could easily get mixed up with things. The good thing about this feature is, it will work even if both Joy-Cons have been missing for hours.

Things to consider before locating your Joy-Cons

The Nintendo Switch console will try to find the Joy-Cons through vibrations. Although, there are certain limitations with this feature since you can only locate them when you hear the vibrations and they are relatively soft. So you need to consider these things before using this feature: 

  • Ensure that the place is as quiet as possible. If it’s on top of a soft object like a pillow then that can also be hard to hear.
  • The feature will not work If the missing Joy-Cons’ battery is empty.
  • The Joy-Cons will not vibrate if it’s too far from the console. It is necessary that you know where to look for them so that the console will communicate to your missing controllers.
  • The Nintendo Switch console will only communicate to the Joy-Cons that you have already paired with.

How to find your missing Joy-Cons

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 3 minutes

If these information have already been taken into consideration, or if you are not sure where to find it exactly, then there’s no harm in trying to use this feature. You might be lucky and find it where you intend to look. Just follow these simple steps below on how to use this function to find missing Joy-Cons.

  1. Go to the Nintendo Home screen.

    Home screen
    It’s where you can most of your games.

  2. Select Controllers.

    Nintendo Switch Controllers 1
    This will open settings to the controller.

  3. Select Search for Controllers.

    Seach for controllers
    Your Switch will then try to find your controllers.

  4. The next screen will show all the controllers that were paired on your console.

    Press and hold missing controller
    Press and hold the box of the missing controller in order for the vibrations to continue until you find the Joy-Con.

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What to do if you can’t find your missing Joy-Cons?

If the missing Joy-Cons can’t be found after these steps has been done and you have already tried your best to search for it in your house as well, you may need to buy a new controller.

Keep in mind that this feature to locate your controllers has a very limited range. So, if you left your Joy-Cons at your friend’s house or misplaced it somewhere beyond the Bluetooth range of your Nintendo Switch, which is about 30 feet, you may not find this feature helpful at all.

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