Quick Ways To Farm Gold In Lost Ark | Complete Guide

Gold is one of the hardest resources to come by in Lost Ark. Adventurers will have to grind, focus, and do a number of activities in order to have a steady income stream of gold. Normally though, players will have to get gold by selling wares in the Auction House.

Some ways to earn gold are fairly constant while others are one-off opportunities. In this guide, we’ll show you the quickest ways to earn gold in Lost Ark.

What are the quickest ways in Lost Ark gold farming?

Here are the best ways to obtain gold fast in Lost Ark:

Method 1: Do your daily Una’s Tasks

Even if you’ve already spent hundreds of hours playing Lost Ark, the game remains as rich in content and progression systems as your first time. That’s because there are tons of things that you can do and focus on this game. If you’ve already decided to focus mainly on earning gold income, one of the first things that you should do every day is to ensure that you do the daily Una’s Tasks.

Unas Task

Una’s Tasks are daily quests all your characters can do up to 4 times every day. The normal limit to these tasks is really just 3 per character but you can add another task by purchasing Una’s Tasks [Daily] +1 from Mari’s Shop. 

Each of the daily tasks will give you all sorts of rewards like potions, pirate coins, silver, and sometimes, a handful of gold. 

How to unlock Una’s Tasks?

You can start doing the daily Una’s Tasks once your character has reached level 50, has unlocked North Vern and has a minimum of 250 gearscore (equipment). You can check your gearscore or equipment level by pressing P on your keyboard.

Una’s Tasks are divided into categories such as Daily, Weekly, Guild Requests, and Reputation Status.

Daily Tasks

You can accept as many Daily Tasks that you want but you’ll be limited to three tasks per character per day (4 if you have Una’s Tasks [Daily] +1). The progress that you’ve started on other tasks will reset the following day so there’s no concern there. Rewards for completing daily tasks are not always the same and varies depending on the task. Normally you will get Roster experience points, Reputation points, and two random bonus rewards. 

Keep in mind that these tasks are not readily available throughout the day and they will become inaccessible beyond 11am server time so be sure to plan your tasks accordingly.

Weekly Tasks

Once your equipment level reached 302, the Weekly Tasks will become available for you. Weekly tasks are limited to 3 instances per week only and these tasks resets every Thursday at 11am server time.

Sometimes, Weekly tasks may become unavailable for you especially if you don’t have the requirement. For example, if the Cube becomes available but you have no special pass for it, you won’t be able to take advantage of it all even if it shows under your Weekly Tasks.

Guild Requests

Just like similar MMO games, you can join guilds in Lost Ark and once you’re in one, your guild can choose certain challenges that members can do. You can do guild tasks just like the Daily and Weekly tasks but their rewards are geared toward improvement of the guild.

Reputation Status

Though not directly related to gold mining, we highly recommend that you regularly visit the Reputation Status tab whenever you have time to spare as there can be major rewards (not gold rewards though) waiting for you. 

How to convert Tokens from Una’s Tasks into gold?

As a gold farmer, your main goal in doing Una’s Tasks is to earn Una’s Tokens. These tokens can be converted into chests of gold from Gold Shop NPC. 

To get Una’s Tokens, you’ll have to complete the tasks you’ve chosen. The number of tasks will increase the number of points that you can receive in the Una Quest window. Depending on the number of points that they’ve collected, players can redeem them for tokens. 

Una’s Tokens will be handed to you after you exceed certain point criteria. Tokens are given out after accumulating 25, 35, 45, 55, and 70 points. These tokens may be redeemed for unique Lost Ark Gold Chests at Gold Shops. These are classified into three types:

  • 80 Una’s Tokens – Hefty Gold Sack (chance to obtain Gold, Thick Gold Bar, and Thin Gold Bar)
  • 200 Una’s Tokens – Small Safe (chance to obtain Gold, Thick Gold Bar, and Thin Gold Bar
  • 500 Una’s Tokens – Large Gold Chest (chance to obtain Gold, Giant Gold Bar, Thick Gold Bar, and Thin Gold Bar)

Method 2: Play the Chaos Dungeons for all your characters every day

Another way to obtain gold rewards relatively consistently is by doing Chaos Dungeons every day. Chaos Dungeons are special dungeons in Lost Ark that are not part of the main quest. The main focus of Chaos Dungeon is killing enemies within a set amount of time. Once you’ve reached 100%, the quest is over. 

Chaos Dungeons

Doing Chaos Dungeon is pretty straightforward and easy for most people. It follows the same exact format of waves of enemies and monsters at first. Then, a portal will appear that will take you to the next section of stronger enemies. The same pattern repeats until you’ve reached the 100% mark.

At times, a Gold or Purple portal may appear instead of a regular one. These types of portals give special rewards and loot. For example, a Gold portal will reward you with gold among other rewards while the Purple portal will let you battle with a stronger boss that provides better loot than normal bosses.

How to unlock Chaos Dungeon?

Chaos Dungeons is considered one of the main ways to earn gold in Lost Ark so if you’re targeting becoming a gold farmer, you should do Chaos Dungeons twice a day for each of your characters.

Chaos Dungeon is unlocked after doing the main quest named Ealyn’s Request in Vern. Once you’ve completed this quest and your equipped item has reached level 250, you are ready to enter the first tier of Chaos Dungeon.

Play Chaos Dungeon solo

I highly recommend that you run Chaos Dungeons alone. Being in a party can be a bit tougher since Chaos Dungeon difficulty scales up according to the number of adventurers doing it. If you’re playing with a friend and you can’t leave a party, make sure that you’re equipped properly for the raid by honing your gear ahead of time and upgrading everything that can be improved.

Another tip when running Chaos Dungeons is to leave your instance if there’s no red or gold portal before the third level of the dungeon. This is because red or gold portals provide significantly more rewards than the other colored portals.

Method 3: Run Guardian Raids

Lost Ark offers a lot of more interesting endgame activities and one of them is Guardian Raids. A Guardian Raid lets up to 4 adventurers to battle a Guardian boss. There’s a 20-minute time limit for players to find and defeat a Guardian and each Guardian has unique mechanics and it requires complete cooperation from the players. 

Guardian Raids

Killing a Guardian alone, while not impossible, can be very hard so this activity encourages players to find a team. As you progress in this activity, the level of difficulty also increases but also yields much better rewards such as Ability Stones, Accessories, and honing Materials.

Guardian Raids only yield rewards two times per day so if you want to farm gold, you must do them every day together with other activities like Chaos Dungeons, Una’s Tasks, and more.

How to unlock Guardian Raids?

There are two things that are required to unlock Guardian Raids. One is to reach character level 50 and the other is to complete the purple Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate in Vern. unlike Chaos Dungeons, you may have to queue for Guardian Raids. If you want to run Guardian Raids, head over to any major city and find the icon that looks like a red banned on the minimap.

How to advance through Guardian Raids?

Every level of Raids has 4 raids. You need to defeat each of the Guardian boss on your current level at least once in order to advance to the next level.

How to get Lost Ark gold in Guardian Raids?

Guardian Raids typically yield honing materials and accessories so you can trade these items to other players to earn some gold. 

Method 4: Run Abyss Dungeons

Abyss Dungeons is a weekly activity that can reward you with a variety of items including some gold.

Abyss Dungeons

Typically, Abyss Dungeons runs will give you armor and accessories although you may sometimes net engravings, metallurgy books, and tailoring books that you can sell for lots of gold.

Method 5: Play Boss Rush

Boss Rush is another endgame activity that can potentially provide lots of gem rewards and gold in Lost Ark. Gems are an important artifact to further make your characters more powerful by amplifying their skills and and shortening their cooldowns. This makes gems a hot commodity in the game. If you are lucky enough to access Boss Rush, you can reap lots of gems. 

Boss Rush

The thing is, Boss Rush requires a special ticket that can only be obtained by chance when doing Chaos Dungeons in Yorn or Feiton.

If you’re in a guild, you can get a ticket for Boss Rush from the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange shop. 

How to get Lost Ark gold in Boss Rush?

You can sell the gems that you obtain in the Auction House. Some gems are more valuable than others so doing this can greatly increase your gold income. Try doing Boss Rush on a number of characters to maximize the potential of earning more gold.

Method 6: Play Chaos Gates

Another daily endgame activity that can potentially allow you to earn gold indirectly is Chaos Gates. Chaos Gates is a daily dungeons and events that you can join to reap some rewards. Some of these rewards include Rift Pieces and Secret Maps that you can sell for hundreds of gold in the Auction House.

Chaos Gates 1

How to unlock Chaos Gates?

Like the rest of endgame activities, Chaos Gates become available once your character reaches level 50. You can then access Chaos Gates through the Procyon’s Compass, which is a button that you can click on the upper left of the game’s UI.

How to get Lost Ark gold in Chaos Gates?

In order to earn more rewards, you want to make sure that your character has upgraded skills and gears as the higher gearscore you have, the higher the potential rewards that you can obtain.

In addition, you don’t want to use Secret Maps alone as these maps can be used in a group or party. If everyone in the group has a map of their own, you can get your rewards four times over.

Method 7: Cube

Cube is a dungeon that’s filled with a variety of interesting mechanics that require quick thinking and decision making when it comes to how to clear the room of enemies. Each room has a different mechanics that will apply buff or debuff. You must clear each room under a time limit as well, adding to the pressure.


How to unlock the Cube?

To unlock the Cube, you must has a character level 50 and must complete the purple  [Guide] Public Announcement: Cube quest. 

You also need to have a ticket dropped from Chaos Dungeon to enter the Cube. Once your gearscore reaches 302, you can access the Cube.

How to get Lost Ark gold in Cube?

You can get Engraving Recipes from the Cube and you can sell them at the Auction House for gold. While the cost of recipes are not constant, recipes in the game are almost always bought by players so you can rest your mind knowing that your wares will essentially get sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gold used for in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark has a number of currencies and one of them is gold. Initially, gold will not be much of an issue but as you target higher gear levels, ability upgrades, and buy powerful battle items, you’ll need gold. 

 Gold is mainly used to buy consumables, tradeable items, and powerful gear. It’s the only currency between players as well so if you want to transact with other people in the game, you’ll have to have enough gold reserves.

How to get gold in Lost Ark?

There are a number of ways to get gold in Lost Ark, as this guide has showed but one of the basic ways is to ensure that you have alternate characters. You can use these alts to farm gold faster on top of your main character.

Can Lost Ark gold be bought by real-world money?

There’s no way to buy Lost Ark gold directly with real-world money. However, you can buy crystals and then trade these crystals with other players to get their gold.

What are the alternative ways in farming gold in Lost Ark?

There are other ways to get gold in Lost Ark on top of the main ways as detailed in this guide. These alternate ways include the following:

  • Field Bosses
  • Trade Skills
  • Adventure Islands
  • Crafting or Cooking


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