Lost Ark: Best Mining Guide | Spots To Mine Faster

There are a lot of activities that you can do in Lost Ark aside from killing demons and other forms of enemies. One such activity is doing one of the Trade Skills like mining. In this guide, we’ll explain to you what mining life skill is. We’ll also explore how Lost Ark mining works and most importantly, how to find the best mining spots that you can explore.

What is mining in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark has a number of different Trade Skills, which are the equivalent of Professions in World of Warcraft, that a player can pursue. Think of Trade Skills as different sets of challenges within the game that require doing a certain action to get to a reward. These Trade Skills are mining, logging, fishing, foraging, hunting, and excavation. You can access your Trade Skills by pressing the “L” key on your keyboard.

Some trade skills such as mining require interacting with a resource while others may require another skill to do like float fishing when you’re in a fishing spot.

Mining skills is one of the popular trade skills for many players as it can help upgrade certain items in the game such as items, craft high quality tools, or help get the required rare materials when the time comes to begin upgrading the Stronghold. You also have to mine resources that are necessary in shipbuilding in the later part of the game. 

Aside from getting the required resources in crafting, mining is also a great Life Skill to have if you want to craft new weapons, or if you’re planning on accumulating gold. When mining, you can get three different levels of resources and raw materials, which can be sold in the game market boards for gold.

Whenever you are engaged in mining, you’re using a resource called “Energy of Life,” which regenerates at a slow 4000 energy rate throughout the day. Once you’ve used up the Energy of Life for the day, you won’t be able to engage in Lost Ark mining and you’ll have to wait until you have enough to start over. This resource is shared across all characters in one account so if you’re doing mining activities for your characters, you’ll most likely burn through this limited resource in no time.

Mining requires certain planning in order to maximize the Energy of Life resource.

Just as Energy of Life resource is shared across all characters, the mining level is also shared by your characters so leveling up the skill on a character basic is not necessary. The much more important concern though is on how to gather materials or ores first.

How to unlock mining in Lost Ark?

In order to start mining in Lost Ark, you need to complete the quest named Crown of Lakebar in Luttera. 

Upon completing this quest, all the six trade skills including mining will be unlocked. What this means is that you’ll be able to now buy the necessary tools for each respective trade skill. For example, if you want to go on mining after completing the quest, make sure that you have the basic mining tool or pickaxe. A pickaxe is needed to mine ores such as iron ore and rare materials, which can come in various rarities and quality.

Different Mining tools in Lost Ark

As you grind your way into the game and begin mining, you’ll discover that you’ll have to use a number of tools of varying quality as well. In Lost Ark mining, there are 5 category of tools that you’ll be using:

  • Novice mining tool
  • Apprentice dismantling tool
  • Adept mining tool
  • Expert mining tool
  • Master mining tool

Each of these tools have a characteristic called durability that you must be aware of. Once the durability of your tool reaches zero, you won’t be able to continue using it, or you may not be able to gather materials at an efficient rate. To keep your tools in good shape, you can pay a few silver to have them repaired. Just look for a Repairer NPC if you want them repaired. Alternatively, you can have the tool enhanced instead using Crystals.

You can also buy new mining tools from any merchant NPC marked with a pickaxe icon. Keep in mind though that the different tools will have different quality level as well so be sure to check that aspect as well. 

If you have the necessary Stronghold level, you can also craft new high quality mining tools. You just have to make sure that you gather materials for the tool and has the crafting recipe for it.

What materials can be mined in Lost Ark?

Below are the materials that you can mine in Lost Ark. they can be obtained in certain spots throughout Arkesia.

  • Iron Ore
  • Heavy Iron Ore
  • Strong Iron
  • Mining Powder
  • Alteisen’s Scraps

Lost Ark Mining Guide: Where to find the best mining places in Lost Ark?

If you’re excited to begin mining, here is a list of mining spots all throughout Arkesia. Before you start, be sure that you have the pickaxe tool in your inventory. 


Initially, you’ll be limited to mining the Lakebar area although the area itself is rich in resources. Lakebar is located in the West Luterra continent. If it’s your first time to begin mining, you can check your map for the mining nodes to guide you. 

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Mining nodes are indicated by a blue diamond icon in the map. In Lakebar, most mining nodes are located in the middle section of the map. 

If you want to start mining for copper ore, you can check the areas near the Triport.

The demons and creatures in Lakebar are weak and can easily be wiped out. 

Lost Ark mining in Lakebar can easily yield iron ores such as Heavy and Strong iron. 

Battlebound Plains

The natural progression of the main quest will unlock the next good spot for mining in Lost Ark after Lakebar — Battlebound Plains. Still in the same continent as Lakebar, Battlebound Plains has lots of mining nodes scattered throughout the map, with most being copper ores. 

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There are also a few scattered Iron ores in this map that you can use once you begin upgrading your stronghold, or if you want to craft certain weapons and items.

Battlebound Plains is also abundant in one collectible item in the game called Mokoko seeds.

Lullaby Island

Lullaby Island is a tiny speck of land that hosts several easily minable spots in Lost Ark. There are many useful farm resources, ore veins, and surrounding minerals in this island. In fact, this is one of the busiest places for mining so if find that there’s a lot of players mining like you do, you can simply switch layers. 

A layer is a certain time in the server that hosts a certain number of players at the same time. The game developer devised layers in Lost Ark to ensure that there are not too many players in one particular area at one time. In general, this is a technique to ensure that there are never too many people at the screen at the same time, which can cause server stability issues.

So, once you notice that there are too many players mining in Lullaby Island as you do, you can try to switch layers, also known as Channels so you have few competitions for resources. 

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To do that, head over to the upper right side of the screen and select the drop down for the Channel. Try joining a channel with a green dot to ensure that the server is not full.


Another ideal location for mining in Lost Ark is Meteora. Meteora is located in the Siren Seas in the vicinity of Rayan Current. The island is rich in ores and a variety of materials including the much sought for collectible called Mokoko seeds. Without the demons and enemies that you normally encounter through the game, you can mine in Meteora uninterrupted until you’ve exhausted your Energy of Life resource.

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Again, if you find that there are a lot of players mining in the island, simply switch layers or channels to maximize your time in the game.

Orvis Island

High quality ores such as Iron Ore and Heavy Iron Ore are hard to come by in Lost Ark but if you need them, you’ll have to beat more challenging enemies in Orvis Island. 

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Located in the region of East Luterra, Orvis Island is only recommended for players who have already accumulated high enough levels for their character. You also have to make sure that you have plenty of healing items as you’re going to battle lots of tougher enemies than in the previous mining spots in this list.

You’ll want to have a minimum of 800 weapon level when you visit Orvis Island to farm for uncommon materials and high quality ores for late game upgrades. In order to maximize your time here, be sure that you have plenty of work energy when farming in Orvis Island.


Located at the bottom part of the Arthetine continent is Alteisen. It is rich in valuable resources like ore veins, raw materials and scrap metal. 

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It also has 4 Mokoko Seeds nodes on top of its rich mining nodes. But just like Orvis Island, this mining spot is teeming with powerful enemies that require higher levels.

The Platinum Fields

For upgrades to late game items, weapons, and crafting, the Platinum Fields is the best choice for a mining spot. Getting access to the Platinum Fields requires an Entrance Ticket, which is consumed upon entering. It’s located in any major city in Arkessia although Platinum Fields is not readily available anytime.

Platinum Fields can only be accessed for 15 minutes, after which an instance will disappear. The Entrance Ticket for Platinum Fields can be obtained by doing a specific trade skill task such as mining, logging, foraging, fishing, etc. 

Lower level players will most likely not be able to access Platinum Fields and in the rare chance that they can, they may not be able to fully utilize the opportunity as you’ll need lots of crafting licenses to mine certain resources.

When visiting the Platinum Fields, be sure that you have other abilities to mine resources on top of the pickaxe option. Having the abilities of Moonlight Miner and Mining Bomb can greatly accelerate your progress in the Platinum Fields.

Moonlight Miner is a toggle ability that significantly increases the chance of digging rarer materials but at the cost of higher Work Energy consumption.

On the other hand, Mining Bomb is an ability that allows your character to set up a bomb that destroys Ore veins that can potentially yield more ores. 

Both Moonlight Miner and Mining Bomb are mastery skills for the mining profession so you need to level up your Mining profession to get them.


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