How to Manage and Change Galaxy S20 App Permissions

App Permissions usually pop up the first time you open a recently downloaded application on your phone. Such feature is designed in accordance to every end-user’s privacy and security when using a certain app.

To give  you some inputs on how to manage app permissions on your new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, I have laid out a simple walkthrough as a free reference. Here’s a quick guide on how to manage and change galaxy s20 app permissions.

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Common instances when you need to manage app permissions are when app updates are available as well as when installing a new app on your phone.

Typically, apps that you’ve recently installed would ask permission to use your phone’s location. This is usually the case among location-based apps as they would need your current location information in order to work as intended. In cases like this, granting permission for those apps is recommended. There’s no need to worry though because you can always make necessary changes to the app permission and adjust the app level permissions accordingly.

Read on to learn where to find and how to manage these settings on the new Samsung galaxy s20 handset.

Easy Steps to Change Galaxy S20 App Permissions

Time Needed : 5 minutes

Lined up below are the standard steps to manage and change app permissions on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone. This should serve as an illustrative reference especially for those who are still new to Android with the Galaxy S20 as the first Android device. Screenshots depicting each of these subsequent steps are also provided in case you’re having trouble following the instructions.

  1. To get started, go to the Home screen then swipe up from the bottom.

    This gesture will pull up the Apps screen.

    change app permissions galaxy s20 - open apps screen

  2. On the Apps screen, swipe right to and tap Settings.

    A new screen with main system settings and options to configure will be displayed next.

    change app permissions galaxy s20 - open settings

  3. Tap Notifications.

    This will let you access notification settings for the status bar, app notifications, Do Not Disturb features, and other relevant features.

    change app permissions galaxy s20 - notifications settings

  4. From the Notifications screen, screen down and tap the option to See all.

    Doing so will let you view more notification options to configure including those for apps.

    change app permissions galaxy s20 - see all notifications

  5. Select an app from the App notifications screen to configure its settings.

    To continue with this guide, we’ll select the very first app in the list, which is Tips.

    change app permissions galaxy s20 - select apps to manage permissions on

  6. On the Tips app’s notifications screen, select your preferred permissions to enable or disable. Simply tap the switch next to the permission option you want to change.

    You may choose to show notifications, general notifications and context-based tips for this application.

    change app permissions galaxy s20 - choose options to adjust

There are also more options you can use to adjust individual permissions for an application on your phone.

To do this, you will need to access Settings go to Apps-> More Options menu. From there you should see the option to Show system apps. When you get there, choose your desired application and then tap to enable or disable permissions for that app to use your phone’s camera, storage and other system functions.

In the case where you’ve already allowed the app to use a specific permission, simply change your phone settings to disable permissions for that application. 

To do this, you will need to access your phone’s settings app then search for and select App permissions from the given options. On the following menu, tap to select a permission to view which apps are using it. Then toggle the switch next to the app(s) you want to turn access on or off.

It’s worth to note though that turning off permissions may cause certain apps to lose functionality. 

And that covers everything in this guide. Please keep posted for more comprehensive tutorials, tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your new Samsung galaxy s20 smartphone. 

You can also check out our YouTube channel to view more smartphone video tutorials and troubleshooting guides.

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One Comment

  1. When I click on the app that I wish to deny access or ask every time, both would be Greyed out/unclikable, showcasing that allow has been selected but is Greyed out/unlikable. 90% of my apps have this issue (I am unable to choose to deny a permission).
    And what’s worse, and alarming, is when I go to click show system apps in upper right corner, more apps appear that have more permissions greyed out /unable to toggle off it on. Full network access, read&write sks, txts, calls, pair to Bluetooth, keep phone frok sleeping, full control of network, read & write on other devices, etc etc !:(

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