5 Best VR Headset for Galaxy S20

Virtual reality or VR is not particularly new to the industry. While the likes of Oculus and HTC have offered expensive standalone VR headsets, some other companies have taken a different route, allowing smartphone displays to double as a VR viewfinder. While this may be a technology of the past, there are still some amazing things you can do with a virtual reality headset, particularly with a flagship like the Samsung Galaxy S20.

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So which are some of the best third-party galaxy s20 VR headset? Well, there are several, so we’ve decided to talk about a few of them in this article. Most VR headsets are based on the Google Cardboard design but come with a few additional features as well as a more durable body. So let’s take a look at some of these VR headsets for the galaxy s20.

Best VR Headset for Galaxy S20



If you’re looking for an excellent design on your VR headset, this offering has to be it. It comes with a large phone holder, which means it can comfortably carry phones like the galaxy s20. One of the primary concerns that people have with VR headsets is the comfort, and we must say, this offering takes good care of that.

There’s adequate cushioning for your eye socket to make sure it doesn’t stress the area with prolonged usage. The mechanism that holds the headset together is also very well built, with a strap covering your head as well.

The maker has also been wise enough to offer some vents on the side of the headset which can be crucial to dissipate some of the heat produced by the smartphone. It offers a relatively wide field of view, and comes with adjustable focal distance with the lenses. This headset can reportedly support phones with up to 6.3 inches of display, making this perfect for your new galaxy s20.

What’s also different about this VR headset is the fact that the company offers a decent collection of VR content along with this product. Naturally, users can also peruse the content available on platforms like YouTube as well as the Play Store for some VR specific games and apps.

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This is an excellent starter VR headset for your galaxy s20 that doesn’t take any knowhow or getting used to. It comes with soft padded cushions to make sure they stay comfortably on your face while there are straps on the back to keep it in one place.

The manufacturer mentions that this virtual reality headset is suitable for phones with display sizes of 4.7 inches to 6.2 inches, making it ideal for a phone like the galaxy s20. This particular headset doesn’t have Bluetooth onboard, so you simply have to place your phone inside the holder to start enjoying VR content.

It also has a rotary wheel which helps you adjust the lenses accordingly. We recommend using this with a Bluetooth remote so that you can continue using the phone.

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3. Google Cardboard Box

Google Cardboard made VR accessible to practically everybody out there. Although it’s no longer popular today, this can be an excellent way to get yourself acquainted with virtual reality if you’re a first time user. Although the design here is nothing to write home about, this functions exactly like any other VR headset we’ve mentioned on this list. Since it’s not too bulky either, it can be used for as long as you desire.

Google Cardboard has been designed with specific apps and tools in mind, all of which can be downloaded from the Play Store’s dedicated Cardboard section. Although developer support for Cardboard is not what it used to be, there’s plenty to check out if you’re new to the platform.

Google Cardboard works with a variety of smartphones, including the galaxy s20. We recommend downloading the Cardboard app from the Play Store to get started with things after you’ve purchased Google Cardboard. Unlike a few other VR boxes, this one comes with a small click button that lets you control the onscreen content. As you probably guessed, there are no color options here, and you have to settle for a solitary brown cardboard option.

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4. Merge VR Headset

This particular cardboard box is designed specifically for kids, and can encourage interactive learning as well. What makes this stand out from the rest is the fact that it comes with a very unique design, wherein you just slide your phone into its dedicated slot from the top.

It is made using a comfortable and rugged foam to ensure comfort no matter how long you wear it. Even though this is used for STEM learning, there’s nothing stopping the adults from using this either. Since it functions like any other VR headset, all you have to do is pop in your phone, open VR content or an app, and you’re good to go.

This VR headset is also compatible with the Merge Cube, which is a separately sold accessory that offers mixed reality experiences while also increasing learning opportunities for the children. This is also one of the few VR headsets that’s available in multiple colors. You can pick this up in Moon Grey or Purple models.

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5. FEEBZ VR Headset

This VR headset is compatible with all standard Android devices and iPhone devices up to 6.5 inches in screen size. It also comes with a list of VR apps and videos that are free to use for all levels.

This VR headset also comes with an action button that you conveniently use for the VR apps available, the button is a unique feature of this VR since not all VR sets have this.

Moreover, this VR headset has bigger lens for a more comfortable and immersive virtual experience you can ever imagine.

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