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5 Best Photo Editor Apps For iPhone 11 Pro

The biggest attraction to the iPhone 11 Pro comes right down to the camera. Apple upgraded the camera with three lenses, all that work together to bring insane details to your pictures. With the iPhone 11 Pro, you can take great standard photos, wide-angle photos, and even telephoto photos. However, even though the iPhone 11

5 Best Bluetooth Keyboards For iPhone 11

In our digital world, we use our phones for almost everything, including work. If you type up email and create documents on the go a lot, the iPhone 11’s digital, on-screen keyboard can be way too small, and even uncomfortable for a lot of typing. Luckily, we have Bluetooth keyboards, which can hook up to

5 Best Bluetooth Keyboards For iPhone 11 Pro Max

Let’s face it — we use our phones for just about everything today — creating documents, crafting emails, making spreadsheets, and more. That can be hard to do on such a smaller device like the iPhone 11 Pro Max (that is, small in comparison to, say, a laptop). Luckily, there’s a way to make life

How to build an electric car

With electric car’s now quickly taking center stage, some folks are wondering how manufacturers are going about building them. Now, we’re not going to take you step-by-step on how a manufacturer builds an electric car, but we are going to at least try to answer most of the questions that surround the process, such as


When is 5G Coming To South Korea?

South Korea has been ahead of most of the world in areas of technology. That said, telecom providers in South Korea have been offering 5G wireless networks since 2018. But, they do have a slightly similar problem as other providers around the world — there are only select consumers that have access to it, again,


When is 5G Coming To The UK?

Telecom providers all over the world are racing to upgrade into 5G wireless networks. 4G and LTE have been the prevalent networks for the last few years, but now telecom providers, armed with the correct wireless spectrum after accepted bids, are ready to start launching 5G worldwide. Rollouts already began in mid-2019, but official 5G


When Is 5G Coming To China?

5G is the new wireless frequency that’s being rolled out worldwide. Most of the world is running on 4G and 4G LTE, and so, just about the world as a whole is working on infrastructure to move over to 5G networks — Canada, the United States, Australia, and even China. China actually might be one

Will 5G WiFi Replace Cable Internet?

5G spectrum is almost here, with major telecom providers nationwide planning on launching their telecom networks nationwide by early 2020. Most telecom companies in the United States will offer some 5G connection by the end of the year. 5G promises some serious advancements in download and upload speeds, but also improvements to latency and ping.

5G router

5G and 5 GHz WiFi — What’s The Difference?

Mobile 5G technology is finally here, and that naturally brings up a few questions — is 5G technology the same as the 5 GHz WiFi that we’ve already had for years now? Not really. The most significant similarity is that both are wireless technologies; however, they do share a couple of features but are still

5G global

Where around the world can you get 5G right now?

Everyone is excited about 5G networking and how it’s going to change our mobile world. There are promises of faster downloading speeds, fast uploading speeds, and much, much better latency and ping rates. That said, there are so many obstacles that have been in the way of launching 5G technology. The rollout has been extremely


Mobile 5G vs Fixed 5G: What’s The Difference?

5G is on its way, and it’s almost here! Many large telecom providers in the United States are expecting to launch their own 5G networks by early 2020 nationwide, which should cover about 200 million people at launch. That should be for Mobile 5G and Fixed 5G. What’s the difference between the two? There’s a

5G internet

Will 5G Internet Replace Cable?

There is tons of excitement surrounding 5G and all of the awesome things that it can do. Mainly, people are excited about the mobile portion of it, bringing even quicker speeds than what LTE was able to do. This means that there will be a better high-definition video, and you’ll be able to move around

Note 10+ 5G Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

When Will AT&T 5G Get Here?

5G has been talked about for a couple of years now, so naturally, you might be wondering where in the world it is? Telecom providers are hard at work rolling out infrastructure for 5G frequencies nationwide, but there are only parts of select cities where the new network is available. And we’re talking big meter

When Will T-Mobile 5G Get Here?

Are you looking forward to the new wireless 5G technology on T-Mobile? We are, too. But just like the other telecom providers in the United States today, there are all sorts of roadblocks that have to be overcome to make it nationwide. One of top of the most significant difficulties that come with rolling out

Why Nationwide 5G Isn’t Here Yet

5G is supposed to be so much better than 4G, right? That’s what the technical specification calls for, and in real-time testing, 5G technology is so much better than 4G and even 4G LTE. That’s why all of the major carriers are working on rolling out their 5G networks nationwide. Unfortunately, that rollout is relatively

How Fast Is 5G?

Carriers are rolling out 5G wireless technology nationwide right now. There are only select cities with the wireless frequency available, and these are usually reasonably dense cities with plenty of people. So, if you live in a larger city, you’ll likely soon or are already experiencing the fast speeds that 5G has to offer. However,

Note 10+ 5G Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

How Fast Is 6G Vs 5G?

5G is being worked on at a reasonably rapid pace. It’s time for LTE to be pushed to the wayside, as we make room for new and improved technologies that will support faster download and upload speeds, as well as more people. 5G is expected to roll out nationwide on many carriers, at least by

5 Best Photo Editor Apps For iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with an upgraded camera over the iPhone XS Max. Instead of the vertical two-lens setup, the 11 Pro Max has a camera module, with three lenses built inside. All three of these work together to bring you some excellent pictures with unprecedented detail. However, if you really want to

How To Block Someone On Instagram DM

5 Best Photo Editor Apps For iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 might have a slightly downgraded camera compared to the iPhone 11 Pro, but it’s still able to take some excellent photos with its new double lens setup. Photos look great on this phone without any editing whatsoever; however, if you want to add a little extra “pop” to the shots that you

LG V50 ThinQ 5G Won't Charge

When will we see 5G in the US?

It’s the question of the year — when are we going to see the new 5G network technology in the United States? Most of the major carriers are rushing to be the first with true 5G available, but making it available nationwide is no easy task. 5G is supposed to improve mobile network technology significantly.