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Are you looking for a way not to let your friends know you’re playing on your Switch? While playing with friends or family can be fun, there may be times when you simply just want to indulge in your game by yourself. If you want to temporarily take a rest from your friends when gaming, you can set your profile to appear offline on Nintendo Switch.

To appear offline on Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to change your online status.

What happens when you appear offline on Nintendo Switch?

Changing your online status on Nintendo Switch only makes you appear offline to your friends but that’s basically it. You can continue playing online with others in your games and do online transactions both in-game and in Nintendo eShop.

You should also still be able to download game updates and buy new games even when you’re showing as offline to your friends. In other words, you’re just masking your true online status from other players!

How to appear Offline on Nintendo Switch?

In order to stop your friends from seeing you online, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Nintendo Home Screen.

    You can press the Home button on the controller to do that.Nintendo Home screen

  2. Select your Profile icon at the upper left.

  3. Scroll down to User Settings.

  4. On the right panel, scroll down and find Friend Settings.

    Select Friend Settings.Friend SEttings

  5. Select Who do you want to see your online status.

    This option is on the left.Nintendo Switch online status 2

  6. Select No one.

Is there another way to appear offline on Nintendo Switch?

The only other way not to play with your friends online is to turn off internet connection on the Switch. You can try to turn off the Nintendo Switch wifi for that, or disconnect the ethernet cable on the Switch dock if you’re on a wired configuration.

Going completely offline means that some of your games with multiplayer or online functionality  such as Animal Crossing New Horizons may not work. However, if you mainly play single-player games and does not actually need to go online, turning off your internet connection can work just fine.

Keep in mind that you need to let your Nintendo Switch connect to the Internet from time to time so that your games and software can receive updates. Some games may not load at all if they are not running the latest version.

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