You Can Now Get Google Fi SIM Cards on Amazon for $10

  • The Google Fi SIM card is now available for purchase via Amazon for $9.99.
  • A Fi SIM card was previously available only through Target, Best Buy or the Google Fi website.
  • The SIM card also comes included with a $10 credit which effectively reimburses the customers for purchase.

Google Fi which runs on a combination of three networks and WiFi is an exciting prospect for those looking to switch over to a cheaper and more flexible option as compared to the big carriers. Moreover, Fi comes with its own mobile app that lets you control every aspect of your account. But in all fairness, even the top carriers offer a similar feature, so it’s not particularly unique. But what makes Fi special is the fact that it offers a $10 credit for the first month.

As of recently, you could only purchase a Google Fi SIM card from either Best Buy, Target or directly through the Google Fi website. However, customers can now purchase a new Fi SIM card through Amazon as well. You will still spend only $9.99 and the SIM includes the aforementioned bill credit as well.

Google Fi has a bunch of unlimited data options including the $70/month plan. The cost can be reduced further by adding four or more lines, effectively bringing it down $45/line. Despite offering decent speeds throughout the U.S., Google Fi will throttle your data speeds after reaching 22GB. While some users are unlikely to reach that limit in a month, those who stream movies, games or TV shows using LTE are unlikely to be satisfied with this offering.

International travelers will greatly prefer Google Fi as it offers the same call and text rates as other carriers or sometimes even cheaper when you’re traveling outside the U.S. If these factors appeal to you, be sure to get yourself a Google Fi SIM card.

Get your Google Fi SIM on Amazon

Via: Android Central

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