What to do if Galaxy Note8 mobile data internet keeps disconnecting and slow

Today’s troubleshooting article answers one case about a #GalaxyNote8 with slow mobile data issue. If you happen to have a similar experience, make sure to check our suggestions below.

Problem #1: Galaxy Note8 disconnects from the internet on its own when screen is locked, notifications are delayed

When my phone is locked I am finding after about 5 or 10 minutes that it seems to disconnect from wifi/mobile data. I have delayed notifications come through with some only coming through when I unlocked my phone. Other times I’m made aware that it has disconnected from the internet when using whatsapp on my laptop as it comes up with a message saying that my phone is no longer connected to the internet.  I do not have any battery/power saver enabled on my phone. I’ve checked through settings to see if there is any cause for this yet I can’t see anything. I have my phone set to performance mode and have tried setting it to high performance to see if that makes any difference but it still disconnects. I would love to hear if there are any other hidden settings I could try changing to keep my phone connected to the internet all the time. 

Solution: You may have installed a third party app such as Doze or Greenify that’s designed to optimize battery usage. Such apps tend to turn off other apps or services that may be running in the background. Consider deleting them if you have them installed.

Alternatively, you can try to observe your Note8 to safe mode and see if there’s any change in notification behaviors. When on safe mode, all third party apps will be blocked. If notifications work normally on safe mode but not on regular mode, you can bet you have an app issue.

To restart your Note8 to safe mode:

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Press and hold the Power key past the model name screen.
  3. When “SAMSUNG” appears on the screen, release the Power key.
  4. Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume down key.
  5. Continue to hold the Volume down key until the device finishes restarting.
  6. Safe mode will display in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  7. Release the Volume down key when you see Safe Mode.
  8. Observe the phone for a few hours to see any difference.

Remember, safe mode won’t pinpoint the exact app for you. To identify which of your apps is causing the trouble, you should boot the phone back to safe mode and follow these steps:

  1. Boot to safe mode.
  2. Check for the problem.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed that a third party app is to blame, you can start uninstalling apps individually. We suggest that you begin with the most recent ones you added.
  4. After you uninstall an app, restart the phone to normal mode and check for the problem.
  5. If your Note8 is still problematic, repeat steps 1-4.

Problem #2: What to do if Galaxy Note8 internet keeps disconnecting and slow

I have a new uncertified, unlocked at&t galaxy Note8 on Straight talk that loses internet connection every little bit and it’s also very slow at searching the web and loading web pages , it’s very annoying! I’ve restarted it, powered off and on, factory reset, cleared cache and data on certain apps and nothing helps it. I dont have a home computer so i dont have wi-fi where i live and I’ve called and called Straight talk for troubleshooting to no avail and they tell me I’m in a good coverage area, so i was wondering if its because my phone is not certified by google which makes it a poorer performing phone than a certified phone from what research I’ve done. I hope you can help me out and tell me if im on the right path or not, please.

Solution: We don’t think we understand what you mean exactly by uncertified but historical data for Galaxy Note8 devices around the world shows majority of them works great on mobile data. The slow internet connection problem you’re experiencing is probably related to the quality of cellular signal you’re getting and not a phone problem it itself. To check that, go to a place where AT&T signal is excellent (full bars) and free from interference such as high-rise buildings, concrete walls, metallic enclosures, thick walls, etc. If your Note8 gets full signal bars in this area, run an internet speed test and see how fast your connection goes (you can install Ookla’s Speedtest app for this. If the speed test result is excellent, meaning it’s well within your subscribed speed, that means there’s no phone issue at all. The problem must lie with poor cellular service in your home or workplace (where you spend most of your time using your device).

On the other hand, if your phone can’t seem to get any good quality signal anywhere, and even in places with known excellent AT&T signal, then your problem must be phone-specific. In this case, it may be due to incorrect network configuration, firmware coding issue, or bad hardware. To see if you can fix the problem on your end, you want to factory reset your device.

Being network unlocked, there’s a chance that factory reset will erase the network unlock code. By factory resetting it, you are basically returning the software back to its default state, which also means any software modifications like network unlock may be removed. There’s a chance the phone may not be able to connect to AT&T network again unless it’s unlocked again.

If you want to go ahead with factory reset though, here’s how it’s done:

  1. Create a backup of your files.
  2. Turn off the device.
  3. Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Bixby key, then press and hold the Power key.
  4. When the green Android logo displays, release all keys (‘Installing system update’ will show for about 30 – 60 seconds before showing the Android system recovery menu options).
  5. Press the Volume down key several times to highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset’.
  6. Press Power button to select.
  7. Press the Volume down key until ‘Yes — delete all user data’ is highlighted.
  8. Press Power button to select and start the master reset.
  9. When the master reset is complete, ‘Reboot system now’ is highlighted.
  10. Press the Power key to restart the device.

Should nothing change after a factory reset, the problem is most probably beyond your ability to fix. Submit your phone to a Samsung examination so they can either repair or replace it.

Problem #3: How to fix Galaxy Note8 general text messaging issues

I have the stock Samsung messaging app on my phone. I have trouble with texts all around. When I’m in group texts, sometimes I dont get messages whether they be media messages or just regular texts. Sometimes people in the group who have iphones will “like” the message and then I can see the original message. I had someone text me from another android and I couldn’t see their message, but knew they texted because i could see a gif they sent afterwards. I texted someone with an iPhone. Sometimes they dont receive my texts. I’ve also had people with other samsungs not see my messages. My problem doesn’t seem to be related to a specific phone or carrier. I’ve also tried other messaging apps and I still have the problem.

Solution: This problem is best discussed with your network operator as they have more advanced diagnostic tools at their disposal. Based on your problem description, there’s no easily discernible pattern where the problem lies so it’s good if you let your carrier’s technical team handle the situation. Their regular customer service representative may not be able to troubleshoot the issue so be sure to ask for their technical team to take a look.

Problem #4: Galaxy Note8 turns off on its own when battery reaches 50%

I have a used Samsung note 8 and at first had a battery problem that if my battery drops below 50 percent it will turn off with 0 percent battery. Then a couple days ago one of my apps started to lag a lot and I uninstalled it, but the lag became everywhere on my phone and will restart depending on the lag. I did do a factory reset and that did nothing. I used safe mode which worked for a bit then restarted itself. now the lag is getting difficult and it crashes every couple of hours. I tried safe mode again but it still lagged. I have no idea what’s wrong and if you help me that would great Jacob

Solution: If factory reset did not fix the issue at all, then your problem is most probably battery related or general motherboard failure. We suggest that you send the phone in so Samsung can replace the battery or motherboard. Replacing any of these may not be free so be sure to check the warranty details of your device before heading out.

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