What to do if Facebook app keeps crashing on your Samsung Galaxy A6 2019 smartphone (easy steps)

Troubleshooting apps problems in mobile devices is simpler compared to other complex issues. The underlying is likely with the application itself if not on your phone system or internal memory. Having said, you will just have to troubleshoot the errant app and software problems on your phone. Tackled in this post is a pertinent issue transpiring on the new Samsung Galaxy A6 2018, This walkthrough will guide you in troubleshooting Facebook app that keeps crashing and not working properly on the new Galaxy A6 handset. Feel free to refer to this troubleshooting guide whenever you need additional inputs on how to deal with such problems in the future.

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First solution: Force quit Facebook app and all other background apps.

If this is the first time Facebook app is acting up on your Galaxy A6 2018 smartphone, then it’s likely just a random issue inflicted by minor glitches from within the application. A simple possible solution to this is forcing the errant app to quit. Here’s what you should do then:

  1. Launch the Recent Apps menu on your phone. A list of recently used apps will then show up.
  2. Find Facebook from the app then swipe up to close.
  3. Do the same to the rest of the background apps.

This will help clear up space of your phone’s internal memory for better and faster performance. Any errors that might have been inflicted by corrupted background apps data are likewise cleared in the process.

Second solution: Soft reset or restart your Galaxy A6 2018.

Performing a soft reset or device restart can be the key to fixing the problem if it’s caused by minor software errors and glitches from either app or device system. It also clears and refreshes the internal memory and the phone’s operating system for better and smoother functions.

  1. To soft reset or restart your Galaxy A6 2018, you can just press the Power button until the menu appears and then tap the option to Power Off. After 30 seconds, you can press the Power button again until the device restarts.
  2. Alternatively, you can just press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button on the side until the phone restarts.

After the restart, try to launch and use Facebook again to see if it is already working smoothly and steady. If it still crashes, then move on to the next option.

Third solution: Clear app cache and data on your Galaxy A6 2018 smartphone.

Cached files or temporary data saved in the app’s memory can become corrupted at some point especially when they’re stacked for long. Cache files also occupy space of the phone’s internal storage. While they can be useful when it comes to multitasking or reloading of the same information and data from within the app, they can also become the main culprit when they get corrupted. To potentially resolve this problem, try to clear cache and data from the Facebook app with these steps:

  1. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
  2. Navigate to Settings-> Apps & Notifications-> App info menu.
  3. Tap to select Facebook app.
  4. Tap Storage.
  5. Tap Clear Cache. This will wipe cached files from the Facebook app.
  6. If you want to clear data stored on the app like logins, saved games, and other Facebook data, tap Clear Data too.
  7. Tap OK to confirm.

Reboot your device after clearing cache and data on Facebook. This will help the device have a clean and smooth run the next time the app is launched.

Fourth solution: Update Facebook app (if available).

Updates also contain fix patch to get rid of any bugs and malware that might have caused apps or a device to go rogue or malfunction. If you haven’t set your device to automatically install updates, then there might be some pending updates to download and install for Facebook to remain optimized and free from bugs. To check for available app updates, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi Internet.
  2. Go to Play Store and then click Menu.
  3. Tap on My Apps & Games.
  4. Tap to select Facebook app.
  5. Tap on the Update button.

Allow all app updates to install completely and when done, you can restart your device to implement new changes to your recently updated apps, accordingly.

Fifth solution: Uninstall and reinstall Facebook on your Galaxy A6 2018.

This would be your last resort and possible solution for you to try on if none from the prior methods is able to fix the problem and Facebook remains crashing on your new Galaxy A6 smartphone. The Facebook app might have been totally corrupted and is therefore no longer able to work again. In that case, you can just delete or uninstall the corrupted Facebook app from your device and then head over to the Play Store to download and install the latest and robust version of Facebook app that’s compatible with your phone and the software version it’s on. Here’s what you should do then:

  1. Go to Play Store and then click Menu.
  2. Tap on My Apps & Games.
  3. Tap to select Facebook app.
  4. Tap on the Uninstall button from the Apps info screen.

After uninstalling Facebook, reboot your phone then navigate to the Play Store again to search for and download the latest version of Facebook app for your Galaxy A6 2018. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the application download and installation process.

Seek further assistance

Contact Facebook Support or visit the Facebook Help page to report the issue and request further assistance in performing more advanced troubleshooting procedures. There might be some advanced settings that need to be configured from within the Facebook app or website in order to get it back up and running properly on your Galaxy A6 2018. Let them know what you’ve done on your end so far and relay any error message or codes if ever you encountered any while attempting to use the Facebook app on your device. This codes usually give some clues on what went wrong and what must be done to correct it.

Meanwhile, you may also report the issue to Samsung Support if it started after installing a new software update on your Galaxy A6 2018 and it persisted after exhausting all means to fix it on your end. In that case, the new software update might have contained some bugs that needed a fix patch from Samsung developers.

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