Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S4 Can’t Download MMS & Other Related Issues

Welcome to the latest part of our focused troubleshooting series that aims to resolve problems on the #Samsung #GalaxyS4. For this particular part we will tackle the #S4 can’t download MMS issue which most of our readers seems to be experiencing. This problem is characterized by the phone not able to send a text message with an attached picture. We will also tackle other text messaging issues that our readers have sent us which hopefully we can resolve.

Samsung Galaxy S4

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S4 Can’t Download Picture Message

Problem: My daughter is having problems with the texting  on her phone. She can’t download any pics on her phone. i.e. I sent her a picture of a tiger with the words, “nice kitty ” and she said that all she got was the words “nice kitty ” and no picture. What gives?

Solution: There are certain requirements that need to be met before the phone can receive a picture message. First, make sure that your daughter’s phone has an active mobile data subscription. Second, make sure that the mobile data switch is turned on in your daughter’s phone. Third, make sure that the APN settings on your daughter’s phone matches the one her carrier is using.

Once all three conditions have been met then it’s time to troubleshoot the problem. Start by turning off the phone then turning it back on after a few seconds. This refreshes its connection to the network and may help resolve this issue.

If the picture is still not downloaded then have her clear the cache and data of the messaging app as this may be caused by a  corrupt cached data. She should also follow this up by wiping the cache partition of her phone.

If the problem persists then try to check if an app installed in your phone is blocking the picture from being received. To do this start the phone in Safe Mode then check if the picture can be downloaded. If it can be downloaded then the issue maybe caused by a third party app. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

S4 Can’t Download MMS
Problem: I am not able to download mms on texts.  And I can’t send or receive photos on texting.  Any ideas?  We are with Consumer Cellular.

Solution: There are three requirements that needs to be satisfied for you to be able to send and receive MMS on Consumer Cellular. First, you should have an active mobile data subscription. Second, your mobile data switch should be on and you should have a data signal. Third, your phone should have the correct APN settings.

In most cases it is usually the third requirement that causes the problem as the phone may have a different APN setting. For your carrier which is Consumer Cellular I have taken the liberty of checking the correct settings which I have listed below. Compare these settings with the one on your phone and make the necessary changes if there are any differences.

  • Name: CC
  • APN: att.mvno
  • Proxy: or
  • Port: 80
  • Username: Blank or Not Set
  • Password: Blank or Not Set
  • Server: Blank or Not Set
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy: or
  • MMS Port: 80
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 410
  • Authentication Type: Blank or Not Set
  • APN Type: Choose “Internet + MMS”, “All types” or manually type: default,mms,agps,supl,fota

S4 Not Getting Group Text Messages

Problem: When people send me a group text/conversation I do NOT receive the first 1-3 texts then I start getting everything with no problem. I normally can tell because I have no idea what ppl are taking about. I have to have someone send a screenshot of the convo I missed. Normal texts seem fine. Any help would be great, it makes me crazy trying to figure out what they are talking about. Thanks.

Solution: Start the troubleshooting by clearing the cache and data of your messaging app. Follow this up with wiping the cache partition of your phone. Now check if the issue still persists.

If the issue still remains then the next thing you should do is to verify if a third party app is causing this. For this you need to start your phone in Safe Mode. In this mode only the pre-installed apps are allowed to run while the apps that you downloaded are disabled. If the group text messages arrive normally in this mode then the problem may be caused by an app installed in your phone. Find out what this app is and uninstall it.

S4 Disable Subject Field In Text Message

Problem: It’s my daughter’s phone every text that goes out says <subject: No subject Then a line

And her signature. Is it because she is using this signature feature. She would like to get rid of the subject no subject but keep a signature.  Is that possible. Cricket told her to call and get them to send new phone . I really hope there is another way.

Solution: If there is a subject field in the message then it is sent out as an MMS. This usually happens when you try to attach a picture or voice clip to the message. If you are using the stock messaging app there is no setting to disable the subject field. You may try to download some of the third party messaging apps available at the Google Play Store and see if the subject field can be disabled. Alternatively, you can also try using the Hangouts app.

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