Here’s the World’s First ‘Under-Display’ Cameraphone

Chinese manufacturers are currently racing towards making front facing cameras as obscure as possible. Oppo, in a new concept video, shows that it can push the envelope further. The company’s tweet shows a smartphone which has a selfie camera embedded under the display, aptly calling it the “under- display selfie camera technology“. It’s still pretty

Oppo R9

Oppo to reach the U.S. markets by the end of 2016

Chinese manufacturer #Oppo has reportedly planned to foray into the American market by the end of 2016. This means we can see an announcement coming through by the next few weeks. Oppo follows hot on the heels of LeEco which recently marked its official entry to the U.S. Oppo is seemingly looking to bring performance

OnePlus 3 to come with Oppo’s fast charging technology

According to a new report, the #OnePlus3 will come with a fast charging battery. This technology was first spotted on an #Oppo device and will supposedly make its way to the new OnePlus flagship as well. The technology we’re talking about here is Super VOOC Flash Charge, which allows the device to get fully charged in

Oppo R9

Oppo R9 and R9 Plus feature 16MP selfie cameras

Selfies have become an integral part of the smartphone experience of late. This has been taken to the next level by Chinese manufacturer #Oppo with the release of the #R9 and the #R9Plus. The two devices come with 16-megapixel front facing cameras and an aperture size of f/2.0, which makes it a pretty capable selfie

Oppo R7

Oppo R7 available for pre-order in the U.S.

American customers usually don’t get much love from Chinese OEMs, as their devices are usually limited to a specific demographic. However, Oppo has been one of the rare exceptions to this and has sold its handsets in the U.S. through their global online store. The company has now announced that the freshly unveiled Oppo R7 handset

Best ultra-low-cost Chinese smartphones readily available stateside

Contracts are so 2010. Nowadays, it’s all about the unlocked and prepaid gear. It’s just far more convenient that way, not to mention oftentimes cheaper, at least over the long haul. T-Mobile is climbing the US carrier (or rather “Uncarrier”) ranks thanks to its lauded no-contract Value Plans, Motorola has reclaimed a lot of its

Oppo R1C

Oppo R1C with a sapphire display back goes official for $400

Chinese manufacturer Oppo has just unveiled the R1C smartphone sporting a 5 inch display and a slim exterior. With a thickness of just 6.85mm, the R1C is easily one of the slimmest smartphones going around. But with a price tag of CNY 2,499 ($400) in China, the smartphone isn’t quite what you expect. Apart from

Oppo N1 Mini

Oppo N1 Mini could pack a 24MP UHD camera

  Oppo has posted a teaser for the N1 Mini smartphone, with the camera being the focus of attention. Although the device is yet to go official, the company’s official Facebook page has the following to say – “Revolutionary 24 Mega Pixels Ultra HD Camera, Coming Soon!” That’s pretty self explanatory and the accompanying image is

OnePlus One now available via Oppo’s online store

The OnePlus One was officially unveiled a couple of months ago, but with a slightly odd invite only system. While the smartphone is still available for purchase to those with an invite, the company has now decided to take Oppo’s support to sell it. The device is now available for purchase from Oppo’s online store

Oppo R3 Front

The Oppo R3 is the world’s thinnest 4G LTE smartphone

Smartphones with 4G LTE chips have become more of a necessity in this day and age, especially in markets like the U.S. and even China to a great extent. And Chinese OEM Oppo has just announced its latest handset known as the R3, which is supposed to be the world’s slimmest 4G LTE smartphone. At 6.3mm, the smartphone

OnePlus Officially Responds To Allegations It Is Owned By Oppo

Yesterday we ran a story regarding the Chinese documents that showed OnePlus is owned by Oppo. This is quite controversial since from the start OnePlus CEO Peter Lau said that the company is an independent startup that wants to break the status quo by offering an affordable no-compromise device. With a lot of people wondering

OnePlus Logo

OnePlus posts statement on reports of Oppo being its parent company

Early yesterday, we told you how the popular OnePlus brand could be owned by Oppo, thanks to WHOIS details which were leaked out. And to clear the air on this whole episode, OnePlus has now issued a detailed statement explaining the relation between the two companies. “OnePlus is a separately run company that does share