Here’s the World’s First ‘Under-Display’ Cameraphone

Chinese manufacturers are currently racing towards making front facing cameras as obscure as possible. Oppo, in a new concept video, shows that it can push the envelope further. The company’s tweet shows a smartphone which has a selfie camera embedded under the display, aptly calling it the “under- display selfie camera technology“. It’s still pretty unclear at this point if Oppo is close enough for a launch, although we still don’t have a name for the device yet.

Regional rival and smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi also posted a video of its own to show that it’s not too far behind on the tech. However, the company’s video didn’t give us a close up glimpse of their implementation as Oppo’s did. Either way, one can assume that the tech won’t be too far apart.

Although notches on smartphones used to be quite popular, it’s a dying trend now, thanks in part to manufacturers overdoing the notch after Apple announced the iPhone X a couple of years ago. There’s still no ETA on Oppo’s new under-display cameraphone, with the company giving out a rather vague estimate. But for what it’s worth, this could be a trend that multiple manufacturers follow.

I wouldn’t put it past Samsung to try out a similar technology with their flagship handset early next year. For now, the company is focused on the Galaxy Note 10, with leaks already telling us quite a bit about the smartphone.

What do you think about the under-display camera technology, sound off in the comments below.

Source: Twitter

Via: Phone Arena

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