Why Sony TV Red Light Blinking And What To Do

Hey Guys! Welcome to The Droid Guy! Today, we are going to talk about red light blinking on Sony TV, and the basic troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Do you own a Sony TV, such as the Sony Bravia TV? In general, Sony TVs are a reputable and trusted brand. Generally speaking, it is one of the most well-known and regarded TV brands on the market right now is Sony. Their Sony Bravia product range includes of TVs that make use of cutting-edge technology to provide a superb audio and visual experience. Their TV models range from LED to Mini LED to OLED, with some models using an LED panel. There are even 85-inch variants available, making them ideal for a home theater setup.

However, problems can also arise with these TVs. A blinking red or green light on your Sony TV could indicate that there is a problem.

On Sony TVs, a red blinking light denotes the presence of a system issue. All Sony Bravia LED, LCD, and OLED TVs are consistent with this. Sometimes the red LED light would flicker silently, without sound or picture, as if in a reboot loop or standby mode. Occasionally, despite the TV displaying an image, the red light will continue to blink.

If you are interested to know why there is a blinking red light on your Sony tv, then scroll down and continue reading.

Sony TV Red Light Blinking

Why Is There A Flashing Red Light On Your Sony TV

A hardware or software fault with a Sony television is most frequently indicated by the blinking red light. Either when you turn on your Sony TV or unexpectedly when viewing TV, the red blinking light frequently appears. Basically, when an internal hardware fault is found, a flashing red light will appear on your Sony TV.   During start up or when the remote is in use, a green flashing light is typical. But if there isn’t a picture, there can be a problem with the backlight.

There are several reasons why red light blinking occurs on your Sony TV. This might be anything from a simple software problem to a small hardware problem to a lot more complex hardware defect in the power supply board or main board. For instance, if the light flashes six times, the main board, power supply board, or inverter board are likely to be at problem.

Most of the time, these problem can be fixed by just doing some troubleshooting procedure.

Power Cycle

Do A Power Cycle On Your TV

Simply restarting your Sony TV will solve the red flashing light problem on your Sony and takes less than two minutes.

To do this, simply unplug your Sony TV from the power outlet. You should leave it unplugged for at least 60 seconds. While the tv power cord is unplugged, you must press the power button on your Sony TV for about 30 seconds. And then, plug the tv back to the power outlet.

Check if the red light blinks still occur. If it still does, then you may try the next solution.

Power Outlet

Check Power Outlet

You might want to try to inspect the power outlet. Remove the TV from any power strips or surge protectors it may be connected to and put it straight into a wall outlet. If that fixes the problem, the power strip or surge protector, rather than the TV is to blame.

Forced Factory Reset Your TV

You may easily fix your Sony TV by resetting it if it won’t turn on and is blinking red light 3, 4, 5, or 6 times continuously. You must first force a factory reset on the TV by pressing the volume down and power buttons simultaneously since you cannot access the menu.

This fits with Sony Bravia KDL TVs and other models that have Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher installed. It also functions on other LCD and OLED models from Sony.

Here’s How It’s Done

  1. From the power outlet, unplug your Sony TV.
  2. Then, find the power and volume down (-) buttons on your TV when it is unplugged. The buttons may be found at the top, bottom, or one of the sides of your Sony TV, depending on the model. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use a remote control on this. Furthermore, if you have a Sony tv model that only has a power button, then do the same method.
  3. Hold down the TV’s power and volume buttons once you’ve located them.
  4. Reconnect the TV to a functioning electrical outlet while continuing to hold the volume and power buttons. Holding down the volume down and power buttons on the TV while plugging it into the outlet is a good idea. Find someone to assist you in plugging it in if you are unable to reach the power socket while pressing the buttons on your own.
  5. When the device is plugged in, hold the buttons down until the LED light turns green or sometimes it is white in certain models, indicating that the reset has been completed. The reset may take anywhere between 15 and 60 seconds to complete. You can now release the buttons.
  6. Your Sony TV will restart on its own. If the reset was successful, it will display the Sony and Android start-up animation screens and logos first, followed by the BRAVIA initial setup screen.
  7. If your Sony TV won’t turn back on automatically, hit the power button to turn it back on.

Keep in mind that you need to repeat the entire process if it doesn’t succeed the first time around. Sony claims that in some situations, you may need to try this up to five times before the reset is successful. This solution should stop red light flashes on tour tv. After five tries, if it still doesn’t work, move on to the next solution.

Reset Using Remote Control

Reset Your Sony TV Using A Remote Control

Another method to reset your TV to stop blinking red light is using a remote control. However, this method only works for non Android TV models.

Here’s How It’s Done

  1. Remove your TV’s plug from the power outlet and leave it out of power for 60 seconds.
  2. Then, reconnect the plug, and the TV should start up immediately. If not, turn on the TV by pressing the power button.
  3. Next, for the TV to finish the startup, wait for around 40 to 60 seconds.
  4. Once completed, point your TV remote towards the UP arrow button while pressing and holding the button.
  5. While you are still holding the up arrow button, press and hold the power button of the Sony TV till a Reset is displayed on the tv screen. Though Reset might not be visible on the screen. It actually depend on the TV.
  6. If you are unable to press the power button on the tv while holding the up button on the remote, look for someone to assist you with one of the buttons.
  7. After that, the TV will then turn off and then on again.
  8. Release the UP arrow button at this time.
  9. After the reset, if your TV is still off, push the power button to turn it on.
  10. The initial setup screen indicates whether the steps were done correctly. Follow the on-screen directions to accomplish the initial setup.

Check If Your Sony TV Is Updated To The Latest Firmware

Make sure the firmware is up to date if your Sony TV is a more recent model that can connect to the internet. The only way to fix firmware issues occasionally is to update the system. To update your firmware, follow the steps below.

  1. Get your remote control, and then press the Home or Menu button.
  2. Next, choose Settings.
  3. Choose Customer Support, Setup, or Product Support.
  4. Then, choose Software Update.
  5. To complete the update, click Yes or Ok.  Before moving on to this procedure, you might need to choose Network if your Sony offers that choice.

Check if this solution has stopped the red light blinking issue. If not, then try the next solution.

Make Sure To Disconnect All Connected Devices

If your Sony Bravia TV is connected to other devices, any of them could be the source of the problem. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First you need to turn off the tv.
  2. Then, disconnect the TV from all connected devices.
  3. Check to see if the red light is still blinking after disconnecting all devices and turning on the TV again.

Verify If There Is Backlight Issue

It may be a defective backlight LED strip or a broken backlight inverter if your Sony TV is blinking red six times and not showing any picture.

To check, you need to make sure that your TV is hooked into the outlet and that you have turned it on normally by pressing the power button. Next, beam a flashlight on the TV, you also have the option to move it around your TV screen.

You’ll know that the backlight is functioning well if only the reflection of the flashlight and yourself can be seen on the screen. The backlight of your television is broken if you can dimly see things on the screen when aiming the flashlight.

Contact Sony Support

If you have done all the troubleshootings methods and still the issue occurs, then you may get in touch with support if the steps don’t resolve the problem and it continues to blink. If you have a warranty, you can ask for a fix without paying anything. If not, your only choice might be to purchase a new TV.

If you ask for a warranty repair, you will be required to count the times your TV’s red light blinks in order to determine the precise error the TV is displaying based on the Sony TV flashing red light codes.

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