How to use Smart Lock on Galaxy S10 | easy steps to set up On-body Detection, Trusted Places, Trusted Devices and Voice Match

Smart Lock is a security feature that can make it easier for you when using your device without it locking the screen on its own. Your device will try to recognize the signals like when it’s out of your pocket or in a particular location you set up to unlock the screen on its own. If you’re wondering how to use Smart Lock on Galaxy S10, learn how below.


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How to use Smart Lock on Galaxy S10 | easy steps to set up

There are four options that you can use if you plan on using Smart Lock on your device. Follow the steps below to set your preferred Smart Lock.

  1. From a Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the display to access the apps screen.
  2. Open Settings app.
  3. Tap Lock screen.
  4. Tap Smart Lock. Enter your current PIN, password or pattern if your device asks your for it.
  5. Select any of the four options then follow the on-screen instructions to set up a trusted unlock. We include a brief explanation for each of these options below.
    1. On-body detection: Keeps your phone unlocked while it’s on you.
    2. Trusted places: Set locations (home, work, etc.) to keep your phone unlocked whenever you’re there.
    3. Trusted devices: Set Bluetooth or NFC devices to keep your phone unlocked when that device is connected.
    4. Voice Match: Keeps your phone unlocked using voice recognition.

What is On-body Detection Smart Lock?

This smart lock utilizes two sensors in your device: accelerometer or gyroscope. While using your device, the system would try to unlock the screen if it senses that the phone is in your phone, pocket or bag. If it detects that you’re moving and your phone was unlocked using any other method, it should keep the phone from locking the screen. Once you stop moving and the phone senses that, it will automatically lock the screen.

Your phone won’t know though if you unlocked the screen yourself but others carry it. On-body detection will try to get familiar with how you walk or move and will decide for itself whether or not it locks the screen or not. This system is not perfect so it may be exploited by some bad people if you’re using it. This does not mean that you stop using it though. It’s a great option if you primarily use your phone all the time. If you want to use Smart Lock on Galaxy S10, On-body detection is a great option for you.

This security feature may need a few minutes to notice that the device is not on your body anymore. If you drop your device and somebody else picks it up, they may have enough time to change the security settings.

What is Trusted Places Smart Lock?

Another great option to keep your phone unlocked is Trusted Places. Trusted Places uses geofencing to keep the screen unlocked if it’s in specified place. It locks the screen on its own once it detects that it’s outside this place. In other words, the phone puts a virtual fence outside itself. If it senses that you’ve moved it outside that “fence,” it locks the screen automatically on its own. In order for geofencing to work, your phone must be connected to the internet so it can check its location regularly to a number of GPS satellites. If you are tied to a particular place most of the time, like when you’re in an office or home, and plan to use Smart Lock on Galaxy S10, Trusted Places is an excellent option to save you some effort in unlocking the screen.

Keep in mind that the Trusted Places only estimates the “fence” that it puts around your device. This fence may or may not include the entire house or place you’re in. normally, it can keep the device unlocked within a radius of 80 meters. This works best if your phone uses wifi instead of mobile data.

What is Trusted Devices Smart Lock?

Trusted Devices uses Bluetooth to sense other devices that you previously set as a trusted device.  When using this smart lock, your phone will only be unlocked if there’s an active communication between your S10 and the nominated Bluetooth device.

Now, the thing is, Bluetooth has a very limited range. If you have a big house or if you frequently move around your office or home, Bluetooth connection may not work as expected. Bluetooth signal can also be affected by other factors so unless you are positive that your phone can consistently connect to that Bluetooth device, we would not recommend this one. Remember, your phone will lock itself up once the Bluetooth connection has been lost. If your S10 and that particular Bluetooth device do not automatically connect even if they’re within range, Trusted Devices won’t work at all.

What is Voice Match or Trusted Voice Smart Lock?

Trusted Voice option works by using the “OK Google” phrase you use to set up Google Assistant. In order to use Trusted voice, you must first set up Google Assistant.

We won’t usually recommend this option as Google Assistant is a terrible battery hog. It works by regularly listening for your voice and it can take a lot of computing power in the background to keep it running all the time.

Also, if your device can’t hear your voice clearly, this option may not work properly. If battery drain is not an issue for you and you want to use Smart Lock on Galaxy S10, go ahead and us it.


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