How to set up Galaxy Note10+ | step-by-step guide why and how Note10 setup works

Are you excited to begin using your new Note10+? Anyone who spends an impressive amount of money to get one must be. Before you can start enjoying your gadget though, you need to set up your Galaxy Note10+ first. Don’t worry as the process is as easy as following instructions. We’ll guide you along the way and show you why some of the steps may be important.

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ | step-by-step guide why and how Note10 setup works

Preparing your Galaxy Note10+ for use is a breeze. Learn what are reasons for the steps below and what you need to do to begin using your Galaxy Note10+.

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ Step 1: Take device out from the box

The first step in preparing your device for use is to take it out from the box. There should be at least 40% battery charge so you should be able to turn the device on right away. Just press and hold the Power button for a couple of seconds to turn the device on.

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ Step 2: Select your region or country

The next step is pick your country or region. This should allow relevant information like language, date and time, etc. to be added correctly later on.

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ Step 3: Put a check mark on “I have read and agree to all of the above” at the bottom.

This is merely a formality for Samsung to let you know about legalese terms and agreements. If you want to read the EULA, Privacy Policy, Diagnostic data policy, and Marketing information, click on Details link for each. Otherwise, simply put a check mark on I have read and agree to all of the above at the bottom.

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ Step 4: Restore backup

This step allows you to transfer data from your old phone to your new Galaxy Note10+. This is useful if you don’t want to completely change your new device’s look and configuration. For example, if you previously have an older Samsung Galaxy device, you can use either Wireless or Cable connection to transfer information. Selecting any of the two options will open Smart Switch or direct you how to install in on your old device. 

If you don’t wish to bring old data to set up your Galaxy Note10+ at this time, just hit Skip this for now.

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ Step 5: Connect to wifi

Connecting to wifi allows your Note10+ to download system files and other necessary data to complete the setup. Once the wifi set up is completed and your Note10+ is connected to the internet, it will then check for updates, download and install them. This process may take a few minutes. 

IMPORTANT: Be sure not to interrupt the system while it’s trying to install something. Turning off the phone at this time may lead to problems.

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ Step 6: Add Google account

This part of the setup process will ask you to enter a valid Google account in order for you to restore from old Google account backup. If you currently don’t have a Google account, you can opt to create a new Google account by tapping on Create account link. Doing so will redirect you to Google sign up page. Just follow the instructions on how to create a new account.

If you have an existing account but don’t want to add it to your device, just tap on Don’t add this account now at the bottom. 

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ Step 7: Set up lock screen security

This is an important step and one that must be done before proceeding. You’ll have 6 options to choose from:

  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprints
  • Pattern
  • PIN
  • Password
  • Not now

Select your preferred security lock and proceed to the next step.

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ Step 8: Set up Google Services

This one allows you to go over your list of apps, if you previously used an Android before. Just hit OK to proceed.

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ Step 9: Sign in to Samsung account

This final step lets you add your Samsung account to the phone. If you don’t have a Samsung account yet, we recommend that you create one. Having a Samsung account in your device gives you a number of advantages that are exclusive for Samsung users. You can also restore your Samsung backup by signing in. Adding a Samsung account is optional though so if you don’t want to do it now, you can either skip it or just continue with your Google account.

Congratulations! You have now set up your Galaxy Note10+. Enjoy!


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