Samsung Reportedly Working on a Foldable Display Phone with a Flip Form Factor

According to a new report by Bloomberg, Samsung is in the process of launching a new foldable display smartphone with 6.7-inch display and flip-phone style form factor, reminiscent of the Moto Razr phones of the past. While folded, this device would reportedly turn into a square. The South Korean giant recently filed a patent which spoke of a similar design, adding more weight to this new report.

It’s too early to tell if there’s any credence to this new revelation, however, as it mentions an early 2020 timeline for this new foldable display smartphone. So we’re still quite some distance away from learning more about this. Keeping this in mind, we recommend taking this with a pinch of salt.

This comes as we’re still waiting for the official release of the Galaxy Fold in the U.S. For now, South Korean customers can get Samsung’s latest foldable display phone as early as on September 6, while American customers may have to wait until Sep 27.

Samsung has faced multiple issues with the Galaxy Fold and was forced to pull back its release. So it would seem a herculean task to overcome its initial hurdles with the foldable display technology. On the other hand, Chinese juggernaut Huawei has also pushed back the release of its foldable display smartphone, the Mate X. This goes to show that despite several hurdles with the current foldable display technology, manufacturers are racing to be the first to launch such a device.

Do you think it’s too early for foldable display phones? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Bloomberg

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