Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Problems, Errors, Fixes and Solutions


The Samsung Galaxy Tab  2 10.1 is a powerful tablet with its dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. While the Galaxy Note 10.1 has overtaken it as far as popularity is concerned, there are quite a lot of owners loving this device. Just like any other electronic device, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 also has it share of errors and problems. Other users may have already found a solution to their problems while some may still be looking for answers to their questions.

That is the reason why we publish this article; we want to provide support to the owners who may be facing some troubles with their tablets. We have researched the most reported problems of this device and we find solutions, fixes and workarounds for them.

The first section deals with performance problem because over time, the tablet has a tendency to slow down that may also lead to lagging, freezing and hanging. Being a tablet, it is often used for entertainment rather than communication and therefore, its performance is very important.

The next section deals email problems, which is also among the most commonly reported problems in any tablet. Most of the times, email problems result from misconfiguration as well as wrong usernames and passwords. But there could also be problems with the connection in general. In the same section, we will also walk you through setting up your email both personal and corporate.

The third section is about mobile hotspot. While not every Galaxy Tab 2 user can enjoy this feature, it is one of the most common issues people were reporting basically because many bought this device to share their connection with their other devices without having to use a router.

The fourth section seems a bit complicated because it deals with rebooting issues. Since reboot issues don’t have apparent cause, the section deals with the discovery of underlying cause rather than provide resolution to the problem

The last section deals with the general connection problem for both mobile data network and Wi-Fi network. The same as with the fourth section, it deals with the discovery of underlying causes, which is a necessity to prevent the same problems in the future.

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58 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Problems, Errors, Fixes and Solutions”

  1. simply put my problem is my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 camera is worrying me when am about to shot a picture. The problem is “warning! ! Unknown error by error callback
    “. Please help me out as soon as possible. Best regards – Josh

  2. When am taking pictures then my camera will freeze and they will wrote unknown error call back on the screen . It very irritating please what should I do

  3. My tab2 is having a problem whenever I insert my sim card it says no sia card but i inserted the sim card gosh it is worrying me out

  4. my Samsung galaxy tab 2 switch itself off whenever I insert a sim card…I tried to reset it but still the problem is the same help me plz

  5. I am having the same problem. Google Play support tried to help me fix the issue and eventually gave up. They said they were working with Samsung to solve this problem. I am hoping an update will be available soon.

  6. I’m having trouble watching movies/TV that I pin from google play and try to watch on an airplane. After the download is complete, when I use the player it starts and the screen is scrambled and there is some sound. If I pause and/or restart then it just freezes the video completely or goes black and there is no longer any sound. Please help. I love this tablet otherwise, but want to be able to watch video when flying. Think about amazon kindle HD if I can’t get this resolved.

  7. Not sure if I am doing this right, but I have a Samsung 10.1 tablet, something updated and now every time I don’t use it for a few minutes, its like all advertisements on the screen, Netflix, kindle, etc. Like it is a sample one for people. What can I do to get this to quit?

  8. hi i have had this tab for 3 months now with a very good experience but the only problem is with the lag while playing games and scrolling. I thought this was to be fixed by updating officially. I now have android 4.2.1 on my tab but still lags, but a little better when it was on 4.0.1 is there a solution to this.

  9. i was palying a game on my samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 battery was low pluged it to charge continued playing then the tab jus shut down:( it wont come back on when plug it back to charge the screen comes on with the battery thens it offf again 🙁

  10. Amy dont buy it!!!!!,trust me!!!,the wifi issue is a pain in the ass,and no one has a solution for this!!!

  11. i have a problem on my tab 2, the internal memory just can’t be read on the phone!
    all of the data (except apps) couldn’t be found, when i open the gallery it said ‘not enough memory’ but i still have 2.46GB free memory and 250MB free ram.

    i really don’t want to lose all of my data… please i need the solution. thanks 🙂

  12. Sorry I want to clarify when I said when I get so far into certain sites, I mean T-Mobile an amazon. Sites like that lol. Didn’t want anybody to think I was a creep! I may be a geek but better that than a creep. Thanks. JB

  13. I love my tab 2 10.1, I’m just having a problem with force closing! I thought it was nothing at first but when it just kept on happening when I was doing totally different things has me worried. I mean two of those many times the whole entire tablet froze wouldn’t let me do anything not even turn off. Believe me when that happened I started to panic cause before it froze up some of the other times it just won’t stay open on the internet I mean I can get on the internet but when I go so far into certain sites it wants me to force close. I’m pretty good with knowing how to work problems like this but I just need a push in the right direction. Thanks. JB

  14. Hi there. My android ver is 4.0.3. I checked for update but there no update for my tab 2 10.1 . Could you please tell me how can update my android to the latest version?

  15. I have a question.
    when ever i tried to watch clips on FB. there is one message display on my tab “you need to install flash player”. I tried to install flash player available on andriod, but the problem is remain the same. so plz. sombody help me.


  16. hi Arieditya,

    i have recently encounted that problem an thanks to your word of advice i pressed around the camera right speaker an the tab came on straight away

  17. Hey cateatrats,

    Yes, the Adobe Flash Player will be gone when you update to the latest version of Android (JB).

    There are, however, some alternatives you can find and download from the Play Store. Most of them, don’t actually function like the flash player that we know for a long time.

  18. Hey Rob,

    Here are some things I would recommend:

    Workaround 1: Leave your tablet plugged into the charger for an hour, then turn it on.

    Workaround 2: Try to press and hold the power button for 10 seconds… assuming you’ve already charged it for, at least, an hour.

    Workaround 3: Press and Hold BOTH the POWER BUTTON and VOLUME DOWN BUTTON for 10 seconds, then release VOLUME Down button but continue holding the POWER button for another 10 seconds (or longer) to see if you can bring your device back to life.

    Workaround 4: Plug your tablet to your computer to see if it would be recognized.

    If none of these workarounds work, then I think it’s time to let some tech fix it for you.

    Let me know if one of these workarounds worked for you.


  19. Hi Linda,

    Try to clear data of the camera app you’re using.

    Go to Settings => Applications Manager => ‘ALL’ tab => scroll down to find Camera => tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons.

    Clear Data – This will clear all the personal settings in the app.
    Clear Cache – This will delete all camera data saved in the memory of your device.

    Let me if this works for you.


  20. Hey Fanie,

    If you would edit the photo later for optimization, it is better you use the full resolution Galaxy Tab 2 can offer.

    About the emails, try re-syncing with your account. What email app are you using, by the way?


  21. Hey Charlie,

    Yes, your installed apps as well as all your data will be wiped out when you do a Factory Reset on your device.

    But it seems like there’s no other options left for you do right now. I suggest you download one of the apps from the Play Store to backup everything in your device. One of those apps I personally used was Super Backup app.

    You can back your SMS, settings, apps, etc. and store them into your phone’s storage. After that, you can do the reset, install Super Backup again, and restore the data you’ve backed up.

    Let me know if the reset works.

    Thanks, Charlie.

  22. My camera has stopped working….the video still works but every time I click to take a picture it freezes and a popup says camra has stopped working…I have cleared out allthe pictures but still won’t work. Any suggestions. I even tried to download the camera from the play store..same thing happens.

  23. Last night, I tried to turn my Tab 2 off, and when I hit “Ok” for the shut down, the “Ok” button stayed the color blue and wouldn’t shut down. The screen eventually went black because of inactivity. It wouldn’t reboot, so I think the tablet is still on, but the screen won’t light up. I tried plugging in the charger and nothing happened. Is there anything that can be done, or do I just have to wait for the battery to die (45% when this happened) and just hope it charges up and reboots normally after charging?

  24. Hi. All files are on my device and available space is 9 Gb.
    About video player, after testing many from google play, I returned on this one who was build in my tablet.

  25. Hi,
    What is the best resolution for the taking of photo, and has it got a zoom function?

    My inbox only hold my mails for approx. 5 minutes then it dissappear.

    Please help me with this problems.




  26. Hi Arieditya,

    Honestly, I don’t know what’s the matter with your tablet, never encountered problems like before and if you google it, there’s no one reported the same problem. Literally, it’s a one-in-a-million issue.

    I suggest you visit authorized Samsung service centers to have it checked by a tech.

  27. Thanks for replying Harold.

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I tried most of this. All my other devices (laptop, phone) connect to the network fine. Turning off the modem/router was the first thing I thought of but still nothing. It is just stuck on ‘Turning on…’ it never even sees my network (or the 15 others I normally see in the condo complex).

    This is seemingly more serious than I hoped. I hunted around the interweb and have found a few people with similar problems but no solutions.

    If I do a factory reset I assume it removes all of the apps I have installed? Is that correct?

    Thanks again for your help,


  28. Hi there,

    I got a problem with my tab 2 10.1″, since a few weeks ago, my tabs suddenly had a blackout. I can’t even reboot it. If I want to boot it, I have to press somewhere around the middle of the front camera and the right speaker whilepressing the power button. I think it’s a hardware problem, but I can’t confirm it.
    What is behind the middle of camera and right speaker? Maybe the battery socket? Because it happen a few times and the last time, I had to press it a bit harder than before to start (boot) it.
    Thanks in advance.

  29. Hello
    My name is Bob Marley and I was was wondering whether the colour of the tab is optional when brought?


    Bob Marley

  30. There are a lot of flash alternatives at the Play Store, just do a simple query.

    Some developers claim they have .apk installer for Adobe Flash app, you can google it.

    Sorry, we don’t provide link to sites that infringe any company’s copyright.

  31. Hey Cosman,

    Are these photos and videos saved in your device?

    Have you tried clearing data of the Gallery app?

    What kind of video player are you using?

  32. Having problem with most games. It says it need adobe flash player but Samsung does not provide this divice. What can I do?

  33. I bought a tab 10.1 few days ago and I noticed that I can’t open photos bigger than 1.5 MB. Message says can’t upload photo.
    Also I tried many video players but still can’t move to any selected point of the movie I am trying to watch. Or starts from the beginning or nothing.

  34. Did you update your device?

    Write down the name of those apps, then go to Settings => Application Manager => open each app one and tap on Clear Data button.

    That problem can be resolved by that procedure. But if they persist, try re-installing them.

  35. Hi Amy,

    Believe me, all smartphones/tablets have their own share of errors and problems.

    I’m not forcing you to buy this device but Tab 2 is actually better than other tablets in the market today if you’re looking for an Android device.

  36. Hi Charlie,

    Sorry, it took me so long to respond to your comment.. It’s just that I talked with one Android developer and asked about this problem. He said it’s unusual and factory reset MIGHT resolve it. He advised me to tell you to try powercycling (rebooting) your modem/router to refresh the connection. Let me itemize it to make it easier:

    1. Turn off your tablet.
    2. Unplug your modem. If you have a router, unplug it after the modem. Wait about 5 to 3 minutes.
    3. Plug your modem back and wait for the lights to become stable before you plug your router.
    4. Turn your tablet on and see if the Wi-Fi is fine.

    Let me know.


  37. My tab had an update and now a lot of my apps won’t run. I get this message:

    “Unfortunately, (app name) has stopped.”

    There is not an option to force close nor report.

    Please help!!

  38. Now I’m confused. .I want to make sure I’m buying the right thing. .But from all these complaints, I’m afraid a Galaxy tab2 isn’t good. .Truly, please be sincere, do you think I should buy it?. .Please, I don’t wanna waste my money. .

  39. Hey Shavon,

    Adobe said they wouldn’t provide support for their flash player on mobile devices so Google released Android updates without flash. that’s the reason why you cannot view flash videos now.

    Try to search through Google Play Store for some flash alternatives, there are a lot of them.

  40. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with Android V4.1.1 installed. I just got it and everything worked fine for a few days. Then, the WiFi just stopped working. It was fine when I woke up as I got an email notification. I was looking at GMaps when it just dropped signal. Now, when I go to Settings and click the Wi-Fi switch it just gets stuck on ‘Turning on…’ If I click on the time in the bottom right corner the GPS, Sound and Screen Rotation tabs are all bright green but the Wi-Fi is a distinctly dimmer green and just sort of flickers. I would try a factory reset but I have an app installed by my home builder that they use to update us on progress on our house construction. Hence, I don’t want to loose that app. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

  41. Hi Glennah,

    What happens after that? Are there any errors? Would the tablet hang or freeze?

    I hope the problem is software-related. Try clearing data of camera and gallery apps.


  42. Hi Jabulile,

    Is this “existing email address” yours?

    Please explain a little further why you have problems accessing games in your tablet.

    About network problems, try to check your internet connection.

    From what I understand in your problems, it seems to me that you’re just having some problems with your internet.

    Without internet, you cannot send/receive emails. Some games may also require a connection so you can play.



  43. Another thing, it could just a loose connection. Try inserting a piece of paper in the SIM card tray to push the SIM card firmly. It may be an unorthodox workaround but it often works.

  44. Hi Vaishali,

    I can only think of two things:

    1. Your SIM card is defective.
    2. The tablet is locked to a carrier.


    1. Try a different SIM card to see if it works.
    2. You can try to unlock the device. There are tons of articles online on how to unlock it but be mindful of the model number before you do.

    Hope this helps.



  45. Hello Fanyana,

    Did you happen to check your internet connection? I hope you can get back to us and tell us where (what website if not from Google Play Store) you’re from.

    If this happens when downloading an app from the Play Store, try clearing data of the download manager.



  46. Each time I try to take a picture confront of me the picture window or shutter goes grey and the picture does not show.

  47. I am having a problem with accessing existing email address, Games the device always gives me error massages and it also having network problems, please assist me.

  48. Hi,

    Am not able to use this tab given to me by my sister from Bahrain as everytime i insert the simcard it gives me this error no simcard found

    pls let me know what should i do with this error.

  49. I have got a problem in downloading anything currently on my tab 10.1,it keeps downloading but does not get started well but now it is not.

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