Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Problems, Errors, Fixes and Solutions

The Samsung Galaxy Tab  2 10.1 is a powerful tablet with its dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. While the Galaxy Note 10.1 has overtaken it as far as popularity is concerned, there are quite a lot of owners loving this device. Just like any other electronic device, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 also has it share of errors and problems. Other users may have already found a solution to their problems while some may still be looking for answers to their questions.

That is the reason why we publish this article; we want to provide support to the owners who may be facing some troubles with their tablets. We have researched the most reported problems of this device and we find solutions, fixes and workarounds for them.

The first section deals with performance problem because over time, the tablet has a tendency to slow down that may also lead to lagging, freezing and hanging. Being a tablet, it is often used for entertainment rather than communication and therefore, its performance is very important.

The next section deals email problems, which is also among the most commonly reported problems in any tablet. Most of the times, email problems result from misconfiguration as well as wrong usernames and passwords. But there could also be problems with the connection in general. In the same section, we will also walk you through setting up your email both personal and corporate.

The third section is about mobile hotspot. While not every Galaxy Tab 2 user can enjoy this feature, it is one of the most common issues people were reporting basically because many bought this device to share their connection with their other devices without having to use a router.

The fourth section seems a bit complicated because it deals with rebooting issues. Since reboot issues don’t have apparent cause, the section deals with the discovery of underlying cause rather than provide resolution to the problem

The last section deals with the general connection problem for both mobile data network and Wi-Fi network. The same as with the fourth section, it deals with the discovery of underlying causes, which is a necessity to prevent the same problems in the future.

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58 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Problems, Errors, Fixes and Solutions”

  1. simply put my problem is my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 camera is worrying me when am about to shot a picture. The problem is “warning! ! Unknown error by error callback
    “. Please help me out as soon as possible. Best regards – Josh

  2. When am taking pictures then my camera will freeze and they will wrote unknown error call back on the screen . It very irritating please what should I do

  3. My tab2 is having a problem whenever I insert my sim card it says no sia card but i inserted the sim card gosh it is worrying me out

  4. my Samsung galaxy tab 2 switch itself off whenever I insert a sim card…I tried to reset it but still the problem is the same help me plz

  5. I am having the same problem. Google Play support tried to help me fix the issue and eventually gave up. They said they were working with Samsung to solve this problem. I am hoping an update will be available soon.

  6. I’m having trouble watching movies/TV that I pin from google play and try to watch on an airplane. After the download is complete, when I use the player it starts and the screen is scrambled and there is some sound. If I pause and/or restart then it just freezes the video completely or goes black and there is no longer any sound. Please help. I love this tablet otherwise, but want to be able to watch video when flying. Think about amazon kindle HD if I can’t get this resolved.

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