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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Problems, Errors, Fixes and Solutions

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Reboots Automatically

Many users reported there were instances their tablet rebooted automatically. While it’s not a common problem, there are quite a handful of users who reported having to experience this issue. According to them it happened just out of the blue without apparent triggers or errors.

The following procedure will fix reboot problems in your tablet but it also includes issues like incomplete boot-up, etc.

  1. Physically inspect to see if there are damages in your tablet. There were reports that even short drop may result to reboot problems in Galaxy tablets; meaning they’re so delicate inside.
  2. If there are indeed physical damages, schedule an appointment with an authorized Samsung service technician to have it checked. If there’s no damage, proceed with procedures below.
  3. Perform a soft reset first: press and hold the Power button and release it once the screen turns off.
  4. If the boot up is interrupted or incomplete, check the temperature of your device for possible overheating. Rest your hand at the bottom of the tablet and feel the temperature. If it’s hot (or unusually hot), let it rest for 30 minutes without turning it on. If the temperature’s fine, proceed with the following step.
  5. Charge your tablet and turn it on again; the battery may have been drained without you knowing it. Also, while charging, check if all indicators are showing to see if your battery or your charger have problems as well.

The point of these troubleshooting steps is to know the underlying cause why your tablet reboots all by itself.

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  1. simply put my problem is my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 camera is worrying me when am about to shot a picture. The problem is “warning! ! Unknown error by error callback
    “. Please help me out as soon as possible. Best regards – Josh

  2. When am taking pictures then my camera will freeze and they will wrote unknown error call back on the screen . It very irritating please what should I do

  3. My tab2 is having a problem whenever I insert my sim card it says no sia card but i inserted the sim card gosh it is worrying me out

  4. my Samsung galaxy tab 2 switch itself off whenever I insert a sim card…I tried to reset it but still the problem is the same help me plz

  5. I am having the same problem. Google Play support tried to help me fix the issue and eventually gave up. They said they were working with Samsung to solve this problem. I am hoping an update will be available soon.

  6. I’m having trouble watching movies/TV that I pin from google play and try to watch on an airplane. After the download is complete, when I use the player it starts and the screen is scrambled and there is some sound. If I pause and/or restart then it just freezes the video completely or goes black and there is no longer any sound. Please help. I love this tablet otherwise, but want to be able to watch video when flying. Think about amazon kindle HD if I can’t get this resolved.

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