Samsung Galaxy S8 Helps Rescue Divers in Philippines

We recently heard about Samsung being taken to court over misleading marketing materials, specifically pertaining to water resistance on its handsets. A new report out of the Cebu City, Philippines shines a different light on the story as it is reported that a group of around 20 divers who lost their boat couldn’t use any of their phones to call for help. However, a Canadian’s Galaxy S8 survived despite being submerged underwater for a while and even helped make the emergency call.

The owner of the phone, Jim Emdee, passed his gratitude to the Samsung engineering team for developing a water resistant phone that helped save lives. “I really hope my thanks can make it to the engineering team as honestly it really saved us all. Only my S8 was able to connect and it worked all the way until we made it to land. It stayed alive for much longer than I thought possible, and it really made the difference,” Emdee said.

President of Samsung Electronics Philippines, James Jung said – “We are glad to hear that the passengers are all safe, and that a Samsung phone was helpful in the rescue effort. We will continue to work towards producing devices that can come to users’ aid when they find themselves in dire situations.” Samsung phones have an SOS feature which when enabled can initiate an emergency call to designated contacts by simply pressing the power button thrice.

This story may bring some reprieve for Samsung after the recent fallout from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).  What do you think?

Source: Samsung

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