Samsung wants to bring you 100 watt USB-C charging

Samsung announced today two new USB-C power deliver (PD) controller chips, aimed at speeding up USB-C charging specifically.

The Korean tech giant is calling these new chips SE8A and MM101. These support the latest in USB-C PD technology, allowing for potential charge rates of up to 100 watts.

And yes, these new chips can be used in smartphones, which might indicate something that will be included in the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 from Samsung. In fact, these PD chips can be used in tablets, laptops, and even monitors as well.

We don’t have any specific numbers in charging speeds; however, Samsung does say that this will use a ‘smart’ technology that will receive battery information, and then determine whether to use fast or regular charging for your phone.

Naturally, at such high charging rates, both chips are to provide over-voltage protection, making sure that nothing goes awry.

source: Samsung

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