Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn on, refuses to charge, plus other power related problems

If your phone, in this case the Samsung Galaxy S6 (#Samsung #GalaxyS6), won’t turn on without apparent reason, plug it in to see if it charges. If it refuses to charge either, then there’s a chance it’s just a system crash. In this case, a force reboot is necessary. That’s how your troubleshooting should go and speaking of which, here are some power-related problems and what you need to do if you encounter one…

  1. Shuts off if not connected to charger, possible liquid damage
  2. Shows charging icon but it’s not charging
  3. Displayed “No SIM” error then went dead in the morning
  4. Comes on but automatically turns off
  5. Fast charging fails most of the time
  6. Charging slow before it turned off and refuses to come back on
  7. Isn’t charging, won’t turn on either
  8. Turned off and won’t turn back on, possible liquid damage


If you have a different problem, visit our S6 troubleshooting page. Find issues that are similar to yours and use the solutions we suggested. If they don’t work and you need further assistance, fill up this form and hit submit to contact us directly.

Galaxy S6 shuts off if not connected to charger, possible liquid damage

Problem: While at work today some water got on my jeans where my phone was not directly on the phone just on the pocket it was in ( it was also quite cold today). when I went to use my phone it wouldn’t turn on so when I got home I plugged it in and I still had 80% but when I took it off the charger it shut off again. I have it in a bag of rice now assuming water go in the phone. Could anything else be wrong with my phone?

Suggestion: My advice is keep the phone in rice for 24 hours just to make sure the grains will absorb the moist. Since it wasn’t submerged in water, it should be fine after that. However, if this behavior continues, don’t take any chances; do not attempt to turn the phone on again until a tech has done some general cleaning to get rid of possible water residue.

Galaxy S6 shows charging icon but it’s not charging

Problem: My phone died and is completely on 0 so I go to plug in my regular cable charger and on the screen a large battery icon pops up and it has a lightning symbol but I waited and waited but it still on 0 and I have tried resetting it and every time I boot it up the little battery icon says phone isn’t charging.

Suggestion: The battery was completely drained and it would take a few minutes before it displays the actual battery percentage. If you could see the battery icon with a lightning bolt in it, it means it’s charging. However, when you boot it up while plugged in, the charging will temporarily stop as the devices loads the hardware, its firmware and necessary services.

My advice, leave the phone be for 10 minutes and then come back to turn it on after that.

S6 displayed “No SIM” error then went dead in the morning

Problem: My phone last night said No SIM/emergency calls only, switched off for a while & restarted & seemed to be working ok again. Woke up this morning to my phone completely dead. Won’t switch on, tried to press up volume button, home & power button all together but nothing still. checked & cleaned SIM, still nothing! fully charged last night & tried to charge this morning, still nothing. Charging again just now but still nothing! Please can you help. Thanks.

Solution: It’s basically just a system crash. To fix it, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons together for 20 seconds or until the phone boots up. That should do it.

Galaxy S6 comes on but automatically turns off

Problem: I have had this issue for about 3 weeks now and I really love my Galaxy S6 and I don’t really want to buy another one. There are no scratches whatsoever and I don’t think I hit my phone that hard on the ground. The issues is that every 5 minutes I’m on my phone it shuts off and when I turn on it again, it turns off again. Please help me.

Troubleshooting: Were you trying to tell us that your phone fell on the ground? If this problem started immediately after the fall, then the impact affected its hardware. The best thing to do for now is try to perform the master reset just to find out if the problem could be fixed. If not, then it’s time you sent it for checkup and/or repair.

Galaxy S6 fast charging fails most of the time

Problem: I have a fast charger that was provided with my phone when I got it. Whenever I plug my phone into it, it will say “slow charging connect original charger to charge” even though that is the charger. Sometimes I will unplug it then plug it back in and it will charge fast. It seems like it’d on and off with the fast charging. What do I do? Get a new fast charger or take it to Verizon and perhaps they refund me with a new one?

Suggestion: Sadly, we can’t control the S6 when to and not to fast-charge. So, if fast charging fails more often, maybe the power adapter itself has some issues. Yes, it’s better if you take it back to Verizon and try out new fast chargers. I’m sure the company’s tech will check the phone for you.

Galaxy S6 was charging slow before it turned off and refuses to come back on

Problem: I put my phone on charge last night and the charger itself was a super slow charger. When I checked it was only at 44% the next morning and I tried to turn it on, but as soon as I took it off the charger it didn’t. So now the phone will not turn on and I tried all these steps consecutive times.

Suggestion: If you were using the original charger that came with the device, then the problem may have been with the phone itself. Try doing the force reboot procedure; press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys together for 10 to 20 seconds. If the device still refuses to turn on, it’s time you sought help from a technician.

Galaxy S6 isn’t charging, won’t turn on either

Problem: I did what y’all said but its still not working for me I don’t know if I’m doing it work or what can y’all. Please help me.

Suggestion: Well, I’m sure there’s one thing we said in our article that you haven’t done yet–having the phone checked by a technician. You see, all we do is help our readers troubleshoot the problem and if all our procedures fail, we always advice them to seek assistance from a technician. That’s what you need to do now.

Galaxy S6 turned off and won’t turn back on, possible liquid damage

Problem: I was in the bath with my phone playing music away from the bath when it suddenly turned off. i managed to turn it back on but it then turned back off and will now not turn back on at all. wont charge either! praying it isn’t water damaged.

Suggestion: What does your instinct tell you? Is it water damage or not? If so, take no chances and immediately seek assistance from a technician. Don’t attempt to turn the phone on again nor charge it.

If you think it’s impossible that liquid found its way inside the device, then try force rebooting it by pressing and hold the Volume Down and Power keys for 20 seconds. If it still refuses to turn back on, then you should have it checked.

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